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Community Health Programmes

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We are embedded in our community and we are proud to play a part in supporting the wellbeing of our community. We have Enhaced DBS checked teachers one of whom is person-centred and trauma aware and also works as a therapist and we have a robust safeguarding policy.


Our community health programme includes working with vulnerable young people with health conditions and special educational needs at both a Preston college and Child Action Northwest; working with Deafway's clients, HMP staff, NHS staff and Progress Housing frontline staff; working with the NHS Lancashire Recovery College service users with long-term health conditions and anxiety. Working with these community groups we are aware of the particualr needs of those with long term mental and physical health challenges. 


Our community is diverse and vibrant, representative of the wonderful international population of our city and county. We work with the Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Trust Race Equality Team and are working with the Preston and West Lancashire Racial Equality Council to ensure we are aware of and meet the needs of Black, Asian and other ethinic minority members of our community. We are aware of and sensitive to the inequality of access to internet services amongst our Asian and Black community and for that reason we are particularly passionate about ensuring in-person classes wherever possible and looking forward we are looking at how we can support improved access to online services.  


The online wellbeing programme we developed and delivered to support the Preston community during the pandemic lockdown resulted in 550 people accessing our wellbeing classes, 66% of whom had never accessed wellbeing services before and the outcomes included improved mood, connections and motivation and reduced sense of isolation and anxiety. 


We received Lottery funding to deliver free 4 week Yoga for Anxiety courses to community groups and CCGs.

This course has consistently delivered positive outcomes with reported reductions in anxiety, improved ability to manage anxiety and reduction in the negative impacts of anxiety on daily life. The NHS Recovery College summarising the outcomes as "Yoga for Anxiety works" 


Studio Director Emma is an advocate of yoga and relaxation therapies for mental health and spends time with those commissioning services to ensure that any programme is developed in a way that meets the specific needs of the clients. 


Emma also works with They Eat Culture and The Living City on developing arts for health programmes.


If you would like to discuss how yoga, meditation, music, dance, arts and relaxation programmes might support your community or organisation wellbeing aims please do get in touch 

Videos - What our Community Say

Covid-19 Communinty Wellbeing Programme Feedback

For 12 weeks during the national lockdown we delivered a free online wellbeing programme for the Preston community.


550 people participated, 66% of whom had never or rarely participated in any wellbeing activities previously. 100% of participants said it improved their mood, 95% said they felt more connected, 89% said they felt more motivated and 88% said they were much more likely to undertake wellbeing activities in the future. 


The classes were community inclusive from chair yoga and bedtime relaxation to high energy disco ballet and strength yoga - and everything in-between. Funded by the Lancashire Resilience Fund through They Eat Culture 

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