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Vinyasa Yoga Course

occurs on: Wednesdays
Starts 15th February
time: 19:30 - 20:30
cost: £8 per session
A 6 week course suitable for all levels of experience including beginners.

Join us to explore Vinyasa Yoga. Rebalance your energy and release tension while building flexibility and strength with this course for all levels of experience.

During the six week course Mary will lead you through a series of gently flowing classes which include flowing movements between different yoga postures each week. We will release tension and improve flexibility, balance and strength. This class always includes seated, standing and supine (laying down) yoga postures to balance our energies.

The whole class is demonstrated and explained by the teacher, and options are offered so that everyone can move in a way that feels good to them. No yoga experience is necessary.

This lovely class is more energetic than Yin and Hatha and less so than Ashtanga Yoga.

**Included in Gold membership**

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