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Workplace Yoga & Wellbeing

To enquire about our programmes or one-off sessions email Emma at: EmmaBeBliss@outlook.com

We can come along to your workplace or you can bring your team to our beautiful city centre oasis to provide Yoga, Groove, Meditation, Soundbaths, Drum Circles as well as Stress Management Workshops and Pamper Days.

Whether you are looking for a one-off reward or thank you for staff, or a regular scheduled programme we would love to hear from you. We can design a one-off session or a regular programme tailored to your needs.

More employers are realising that staff wellbeing isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential, especially in an increasingly competitive world and especially now post-Covid.

Our wellbeing programmes and activities range from relaxation or yoga sessions, to stress & anxiety management courses. 


We can deliver sessions at our Preston city centre studio, at the beautiful secret walled garden near Ashton Park, or at your workplaces within Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester.

Our innovative approach can improve.....

  • Teamwork - We teach Yoga and Drum Circles in a way that has everyone moving in synchronicity with each other, with drum circles we are all also listening to each other and working together to sound great. This builds empathy and trust, which helps to build stronger more effective teams. 
  • Stress - Yoga teaches us how to control our stress response, so that we can harness the positive aspects of pressure while knowing when and how to switch the stress response off or dial it down. Drum Circles are mood-boosting, feel-good, accessible to everybody and foster creativity, courage and confidence.
  • Focus -  In a distracted world we can find it difficult to stay focused. Yoga and Drum Circles create a habit of focus so that employees are more accurate, creative and productive. 
  • Physical Fitness - ​When we exercise with friends and colleagues we are more likely to stick with it than if we work out at home on our own. Regular physical Yoga classes are consistently shown to improve posture and reduce neck and back pain. 

Workplace Wellbeing Menu

  • Soundbath Relaxation - 1hr and 2hr options
  • Drum Circles
  • Mindful meditation
  • Ashtanga Yoga classes - Energetic
  • Relaxation Yoga classes - Gentle
  • Groove classes - Energetic, fun, team-building
  • Stress Awareness Workshops - Half & Full Day
  • Anxiety & stress management course - the SMBT method (45mins to 1hr for 7 weeks)
  • One to one therapy x4 1hr sessions
  • Employee Spa Day / Half Day - Yoga/Groove, Drum Circle, Soundbath relaxation, guided mindful meditation and lunch 
Emma Yoga Teacher

About Emma

Emma has more than 20 years corporate workplace experience including 6 years at Director level.

She combines neuroscience, management experience and extensive yoga training to create engaging workshops and workplace wellbeing programmes which address the needs of the business and employees.

The 'Running From Tigers' stress-awareness and management workshop explains the science behind stress, the positive and negative aspects of stress, how to identify when good stress has turned bad and what steps to take. The workshop also includes yoga, relaxation and mindfulness techniques as well as techniques for managing up and down to minimise negative stress.

Emma and the team also teach office chair yoga, energetic yoga for sporty people and team-building Groove dance as regular scheduled programmes as a staff benefit so that you attract and retain the best talent.

Some of our Workplace Wellbeing clients

HMP Preston


Cardinal Newman College

Progress Housing

Laing O'Rourke

Child Action North West

Home Start

University of Central Lancashire


Viva PR

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