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Drum Circle - July 20th

date:  Saturday 20th July, 2024
July 20th
time: 12:30 - 1:45pm
Come to our Drum Circle to experience the joy of drumming together!

You'll release stress and anxiety, boost mood and energy, connect with others and feel great!

No experience needed, there are no 'wrong' notes! Ages 7+ welcome and drums are provided - though you are welcome to bring your own too. Within minutes Mandala's very own Emma will have us all drumming together with joy!

Absolutely everyone can drum, we all have a heartbeat and we are naturally inclined to fall into the rhythms we can hear. Humans have drummed together for millennia because it feels fantastic. Drumming directly affects our thinking patterns, heart rate, breathing rate and emotions.

You can choose a drum, shaker, bell, frog and more... and you will have lots of opportunity to play on a wide variety of drums. Emma will lead the group into joyful explorations of rhythms, tempos, volumes and textures.

This is a safe non-judgemental, family-friendly space where people of all different ages and experience levels are welcomed. Come and join in the fun!

The drumming will be for about 75 minutes and then we will have time for cup of tea and a chat if you would like to stay.

What happens in a Drum Circle?

We all sit in chairs in a circle playing drums. The facilitator helps the group sound brilliant and to have fun exploring rhythms, volume, pace and more through hand signals and games.

Do I ever need to have drummed before

No, absolutely everyone can drum and the sessions are facilitated in a way that makes it super easy for you to have a wonderful time and sound better than you ever thought you could!

Can experienced drummers join?

Absolutely, everyone is welcome to our Drum Circles and we love meeting fellow drum lovers!

Are children welcome

Yes, the sessions are super fun and engaging. You know your child and whether they will be able to participate without disrupting the group.

Do I need to bring a drum

No, we provide drums and percussion and you will have lots of opportunity to have a go at playing lots of styles of drums, shakers, bells and more!

Can I bring a drum or percussion

Yes, you are welcome to bring a hand drum, shakers and/or other hand percussion

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Emma facilitating the Preston Community Drum CircleEmma facilitating the Preston Community Drum CirclePreston Drum Circle
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