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Welcome to The Mandala - Preston's hub of Yoga and Wellbeing.

We’re delighted you’re here! 

Hi, I'm Emma Studio Director and teacher at Mandala yoga & wellbeing studio in Preston.

I run the Mandala as a Community Interest Company which means that profits are reinvested for the benefit of the community and that we have a social purpose. It is my belief that yoga is about relationship, to self and to all around us and so our yoga studio powers a whole lot of positive social action in our community.

Mandala aims to be a force for good in the community, with regular funded programmes delivered for all and for those who have specific needs. I work closely with community and healthcare groups to design and deliver movement practice programmes that meet needs.

Here's what I believe in:-

  • I am passionate about the body-mind connection and the benefits of yoga, meditation and dance.
  • Every body is different and that's awesome.
  • The place we spend time on body and mind is also a place of friendship. 
  • When we pay attention to our bodies and our minds we start to be able to nuorish and care for them and what we nourish and care for we fall in love with.
  • Our relationship with others starts with the relationship with our selves.
  • The benefits of a wellbeing practice ripple out into the world as we become more patient, calm and tolerant.
  • Everybody can practice yoga and dance - I teach people in wheelchairs, with deafness and with cognitive challenges - we adapt the movement to the body.
  • In the transformative power of music and rhythm.
  • That living in Preston (the rainiest place in England) is pretty fabulous. 

It is such a joy to be a part of such a welcoming community of friendly students and highly qualified and experienced teachers and therapists with a deep love of our city and its fabulous people. 

We are so much more than a yoga & groove studio.  We're a community of wellbeing.

What Our Community Say

Listen to what our yoga community have to say about us on our Video Reviews page.

Whether you are a dedicated yoga student, drop in to the monthly sound relaxation sessions, or pop in for the odd massage or vegan supper - we want you to feel welcome, safe and amongst friends.

Highly Qualified & Specialist Teaching

Our teachers and therapists are highly trained and this is reflected in the fact that we are often visited by teachers who teach all over the world.

Emma is one of the very few teachers in the north to have been trained to teach Ashtanga yoga by world-renowned John Scott and she continues to train with internationally loved Scott Johnson.

She holds the highly respected BAST qualification in the therapeutic application of sound and also dedicates a lot of time to community outreach and working with community groups and the NHS to develop programmes to support improved mental and physical health.

Alison Gough was trained to teach Yin by the acclaimed teacher-trainer Sarah Powers and to deliver yoga nidra by an iRest yoga nidra leading teacher trainer. Karen Duke's therapeutic massage training is evident in her powers of touch and there isn't a single person who doesn't feel awesome after a massage with Jiri whose studies are already extensive and seemingly never-ending.

Angela, Susan and Wendy all have extensive and ongoing training in yoga and therapy.   

Friendly Community

I am a great believer that wellbeing requires friendship and so I provide lots of opportunities for our Mandala students and visitors to get together for social events.

If you attend my Soundbaths you will know that we have a good chat afterwards, yoga class students get together for post-class pizza and brunches several times per year and if you've been around pre or post-class you'll be familiar with the chatter and joy, but if you would rather slip away quietly, that's totally cool too.

We are proud of our high quality teaching that's true to yoga traditions, but we are equally proud that friendships are formed here. 

We also believe that yoga is an act of social good, so we hold several fundraisers every year, several times per year we teach for free and donate all proceeds to a community cause, we host the Friends of the Earth meetings. Thank you to all our incredibly generous students who donate. 

So, that's us. We wouldn't be here without our wonderful community of students, event participants and people who pop in for a massage or tretament - so THANK YOU and if you're new here WELCOME with love.

Emma and the Mandala Preston team


We’re a Social Enterprise CIC (Community Interest Company) supporting Mental & Physical Health and wellbeing in Preston.

We aim to help you live your best life by maintaining physical, mental & emotional health. 

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