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As well as out energetic Ashtanga yoga programme, we have 4 Gentle Yoga classes each week to help you to unwind, relax and release - softly.

Take a look at the descriptions below and click the links for further details.

Yin Yoga: Mondays 6pm

A slow, gentle class practiced sitting and laying on the floor. Postures are held for 2-5minutes, giving time to allow the deeper tissues of the body to relax and release, easing tension and cultivating patience and a greater willingness to surrender.

Hatha Yoga: Thursdays 7:15pm

A gentle, relaxing class with postures held for less time than in a Yin yoga class but for longer than in a standard yoga class, giving you plenty of time to move in and out of the postures. The class is mainly practiced sitting and laying on the floor.

Every class ends with a lovely 30 minute guided relaxation meditation.

Yoga for MS: Wednesdays 11:30am

This specialist class is held in partnership with the MS Society.

Specifically designed for people with MS, the class is mainly chair-based with some work at barres to support balance while working on simple movements to improve strength and stability. The movements are designed to support people with the specific challenges of MS.

Yoga for Chronic Pain: Returning Soon

This free to access class is specifically for people with chronic pain conditions including ME, CFS, EDS and arthritis. There are options to take the class in a chair, on the mat or in the silk hammocks.

The class is focused on befriending the body, calming the nervous system and releasing tension. It's gentle and slow with small movements, guided relaxation and breathing techniques.

Chair Yoga: Tuesdays 11am From 11th July

This class can be accessed free. The class is chair-based with standing options and is focused on improving mobility, balance, strength as well digestion and breathing function. It's a gentle class with lots of information about how to keep body and mind healthy.

The class will be available to book from July. Book through the timetable

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