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Yoga in Primary Schools

To enquire about our yoga programmes or one-off sessions email Emma at: EmmaBeBliss@outlook.com
Or call 07549 934 944

The children's yoga & mindfulness programme is available in Preston and Leyland and is suitable for children aged 5-11 as part of the school day as well as after-school and school holiday activities.

A fun and engaging programme that has benefits for children's wellbeing, social skills, confidence and learning as well as physical health.

About the Programme

Our Children's School Yoga programme is engaging, fun and has many benefits for children's wellbeing, social skills and learning. The programme has been written by Fiona Whitehead a Lecturer in Childcare and Education, who is also a yoga teacher and has been successfully delivered in schools for 8 years. The programme is taught by our Studio Director, Emma who studied the programme with Fiona and who has many years experience of teaching yoga, dance and movement to all age groups having also undertaking world-renowned yoga and dance training for adults and children with John Scott and Misty Tripoli.

Each of the yoga & mindfulness sessions include topics such as ‘ The Ocean’ and ‘The Moon’, written at a level appropriate for 5-11 year olds. Each session includes stretches; yoga postures; breathing techniques; a game and/or story and mindfulness techniques.

The sessions can be adapted to be utilised as an alternative curriculum for PE; for THRIVE sessions or to enhance children’s social and emotional skills; for children with SENs or as an After-School provision. This is a fun and engaging programme with many benefits for children.

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga has many benefits both for education and children's wellbeing and this particular scheme of work provides for the development of physical skills and tools and strategies to improve children’s positive self beliefs and encourage positive behaviours. It can be utilised to provide for the three ‘i’s’ for the improvement of children’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

A regular practice of yoga improves flexibility, fitness, balance, co-ordination, concentration and listening skills and enhances a child's social and emotional wellbeing leading to increased self confidence.

In accordance with the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 & 2, during this yoga programme children will:

  • Master basic movements and develop balance, agility and co-ordination and will apply these in a wide range of activities
  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance
  • Perform a range of dances (vinyasa flows)
  • Compare their performance with previous ones and notice improvement to achieve personal best
  • Enhance their social skills
  • Learn appropriate affirmations and positive self motivators to help boost self-esteem
  • Learn that it is fine to sit quietly and in stillness sometimes and techniques to help them achieve this
  • Learn breathing techniques and self relaxation techniques that can be used in all parts of their lives helping ease anxiety and tension
  • Experience healthy way to express and balance emotions

All children can access and benefit from yoga at their own ability level.

Free Yoga Taster Class

I would love to bring a free taster yoga class to your school for your pupils. To book your free class email
Emma at emmabebliss@outlook.com
Or call 07549 934 944

Emma Yoga Teacher

About Emma

Emma is our Studio Director and teacher of our Children's programmes as well as our Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety and dance-based programmes - she loves joyous movement and rhythm.

She originally trained to teach Ashtanga Yoga with world-renowned John Scott.

After having been asked by many of her students and community members to share yoga and dance with children she undertook two specific children's yoga teacher trainings with Fiona Whitehead and with Yoga Kidz; as well as children's Groove dance training with Dani Nobrega.

Emma's children's classes are not simply yoga postures or dance moves adapted for children, the programmes are designed to meet the needs of children of different ages and the requirements of the national curriculum.

She is a highly engaging teacher who teaches with a focus on clear communication, empowerment, joy and compassion. She teaches yoga in a way that can release mental and emotional tension and that provides the tools to live with greater joy, confidence and ease.

As well as studio classes, Emma works within the community teaching in youth clubs, workplaces, on NHS programmes and with members of our community with physical and mental health challenges including those with deafness, who use a wheelchair and have cognitive challenges.

Emma's classes are heart-lifting, empowering and flowing bringing about a balance of energised calm. She shares movement and mindfulness practices with kindness, encouragement and joy.

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