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School Yoga Programme 

Our school yoga programmes include:-


Yoga for Pupils - Ongoing

Ongoing Programme to support focus, resilience, self-confidence, impulse control and general mental well-being.


Pupils build a positive relationship with their body and movement which is especially beneficial for those who don’t enjoy competitive sports. They also learn to use yoga postures and breathing and mindful meditation techniques to manage their moods and impulses and to see things from the perspective of others which supports positive relationships. 


An ongoing programme provides tools for life as well as supporting a healthy-minds environment. 


Yoga for Pupils - Exam Programme 

6 week Programme specifically designed to provide a place of calm in the run-up to exams and throughout exam periods. At these times the sympathetic nervous system can become dominant as pupils feel anxious about the future.


This can lead to generalised anxiety, low mood, lack of sleep, difficulty focusing and accessing creative thought, reduced impulse control and poor digestive health.


This yoga programme focuses on balancing the nervous system, releasing tension and giving pupils tools they can use to study and sit exams with a positive, calm focus through breathing and postural techniques, mindfulness and meditation. 


Yoga for Teachers

Inset Days and term-time programmes specifically designed for teachers. The programmes are designed to address the challenges that come with long periods of standing, talking, class-room management and heavy workloads. 


School Leaders Programme - creating a healthy minds environment 

A workshop programme that can be attended by leaders from several schools. The programme explores how the human brain abd body responds to various management techniques and how to manage in a way that supports positive mental health and it’s impact of performance.


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