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Yoga Mats

We have three types of yoga mats at the studio for you to buy.


Liforme: Ideal for those who want to establish (or already have) a regular yoga practice and want a yoga mat that will last many years, even with a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice.
We have 6x grey, 5x purple and 2x orange in stock. This is of course an expensive mat, so see below why I love Liforme mats.
Prices: £100 (grey and purple) Orange = £115

Ekotex Sticky: A great all-round mat, soft and supportive with 5mm cushioning. Shortlisted for a British Vogue award! PVC-free and the mats are packed without plastic.
Price: £20

Standard mats: Ideal if you are just starting out and don't want to invest  too much in a mat just yet, or if you are waiting for someone to buy you a longer-lasting mat for a gift ;)
Price: £15


If you would like to pay by bank transfer for a mat email me and let me know which mat and which colour. You can also ask to take a look at them at the studio.


Liforme Yoga Mats
I use Liforme mats for my personal practice and for teaching and have done for years after I kicked holes in far too many mats! When I practice overseas I book extra luggage so that I can take my mat with me.


Here's why I love and recommend Liforme mats (especially for Ashtanga yoga)

  • Great grip but  smooth flow - fabulous for downdogs and backbends while not too sticky as to impede flow
  • Alignment lines - for those of us who find it difficult to know what parrallel feet looks like!! 
  • Long-lasting - my practice mat is still going after 5 years
  • Eco-aware - as well as lasting for years so reducing landfill, they use non-toxic ink and are PVC free
  • Easy to clean - smooth surface makes them easier to clean than mats with bumps

Ethically Sourced Gifts for Yogis

When I’m looking for gifts for yogi friends or for myself I spend hours looking for ethically sourced products that are in-line with yoga principles. 


When I came across this lovely shop of products made by yogis and sourced by yogis I was thrilled, so I thought I would share it with you. 


Whats super lovely too is that Mandala CIC receives a little payment each time someone clicks through from our website to buy something from the shop. That helps us to keep paying our bills while keeping class prices affordable and helps support our outreach and charitable work.


So, here’s the link...happy browsing 


Ethical yoga shop


Himalayan Bowl Massage Gift Vouchers

A massage like no other, a Himalayan Bowl massage is the ultimate in physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The massage is performed with the client completely clothed, the Himalayan Bowls are placed on the back of the body and played. 


The beautiful soft sounds slow the brainwaves and calm the whole system while the vibrations of the bowls on the body release muscular tension and ease joint pain.


Gift vouchers will be posted and are valid for 12months

30minute session £30

60minute session £35


To order a gift voucher email

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