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Drum Circles

occurs on: Sundays Monthly
time: 4:30 - 6:30pm
cost: £15 per session
Our Community Drum circles are energising, joyous, stress relieving, confidence-building and great fun!

Because these Drum Cirlces are facilitated they are for everyone from complete beginners and children to experienced percussionists. Absolutely everyone can drum, we all have a heartbeat and we are naturally inclined to fall into the rhythms we can hear.

Emma will provide you with a drum or other percussion instrument (or you can bring your own) and will lead the group into exploration and expression of rhythms. This is a safe non-judgemental space where people of mixed ages and rhythmical expertise are guided together to a very high level of spirited rhythmical exploration and expression.

Our Drum Circles are family-friendly, connecting with each person with their own unique gifts. Come and join in the fun!

Do I need a drum?

No, we provide the drums and percussion instruments

I've never drummed before, I'm nervous I'll mess up

You can't get it wrong! Nerves are natural before we start something new, but my role as facilitator is literally to make this easy. I will guide the group through the rhythms, there's nothing to remember or really learn - it's all about feeling and I help you to connect to that feeling and then I help the group sound REALLY great!

Can I sit in a chair to drum?

Yes, we will all be sitting in chairs to drum

Is this suitable for all ages?

Absolutely, from 6 upwards!

Can I bring my own drum?

You absolutely can

What is the difference between Group Drumming and a Drum Circle?

In group drumming the group learn some set rhythms, usually to prepare for a performance, but the aim is to perfect and repeat particular rhythms.

A Drum Circle creates the rhythms in the moment, they can't ever be repeated - it's organic and a reflection of the energy and connection of the group at that unique time.

about the Therapist

Emma Lowther-Wright Sound Therapist

Emma is a certified sound therapist Practioner holding the British Academy of Sound Therapy PL.Dip.ST and trained with Marla Leigh, one of the world's leading frame drummers. She is also a yoga teacher and our Studio Director.

Emma's Soundbaths are very popular and she performed at the Under the Moon exhibition at Harris Museum and at the Lancashire Encounters festival.
RYT 200hrs, BAST PLdip, Groove Facilitator, POUND, Barre Concept

Photo Gallery

Emma facilitating the Preston Community Drum CircleEmma facilitating the Preston Community Drum CircleEmma facilitating the Preston Community Drum CirclePreston Drum Circle

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