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Due to the need to support public health efforts we've closed our physical doors for now but are teaching online and outdoors

We've temporarily moved online and outdoors.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of people and just at the time that we need need to support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing our space and spaces like ours have needed to close to stem the spread of this virus and keep our communities safe.

We are going to keep holding space for our community and for anyone who would like to join our community. We need to be physically distant, but that doesn't mean we have to be socially distant. Indeed we need to be more socially connected. 

How do I get live online classes?
We will be adding links to our Facebook page
If you're not on Facebook email to receive the video links by email
We will try to remember to add the links to this website page but we're are crazy busy trying to adapt to this new situation and I'm not that tech savvy!!!

How about payment?
You can pay for the online classes via our Crowdfunder page which we've set up to help us to cover our rent but to also to help us to fund a scheme of free classes for those who experience financial hardship and/or bereavement during this pandemic.

If you are able to pay for the classes please do so, but if you have found yourself without an income at this time please join us anyway by following the class links we will be posting.

Why are we going online?
We want to maintain connection and support for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We are social mammals, we're evolved to be and so we must find safe ways to continue to connect.

We know that in order to maintain physical health we need to look after our mental and emotional health and we want to continue to be a place of calm presence at this time where there is very understandable anxiety about the future we can't control.

Will Mandala reopen
Absolutely! As soon as it is advisable to reopen our physical doors we will be doing so, in the meantime we are physically distant but not socially distant. We hope you will join us online,

What's the Crowdfunder link again?

We would be super-grateful if you would share it as well as the links to the online sessions once we post them. 

With love and gratitude, Emma and the Mandala team xxx

Yoga & Wellbeing in the city

Welcome to Mandala, Preston's Yoga & Wellbeing hub!


We have 16 yoga classes every week, including Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha, Beginners and Pregnancy; as well as meditation, soundbaths, massage and an extensive workplace wellbeing and community health programme.

Your Wellbeing in Your City

Yoga Classes

We are a community of 10 yoga teachers delivering 16 yoga classes every week.


Our different styles of yoga mean that there is definitely a yoga that suits you...


Our soundbath meditations, anxiety meditation and yoga nidra meditations help to cultivate a calm mind.


We're the only centre in the north to offer these classes from highly qualified teachers. 

Sound Therapy

Our sound therapist can help you with physical pain and emotional and mental challenges and anxieties.


Emma trained with world leaders.


Hands-on massage with Karen or Jiri to ease aches and pains.


Tibetan Bowl massage and Drum massage from Emma to release physical tension and emotional stress.


New Course....Ashtanga Yoga Beginners 

Next course spring 

£42 for 6 class course / £60 for 12 class course 


Ashtanga yoga is an energetic practice of strength and grace and this course will teach you not only the postures, but the breathing teachniques, the count and of course the flowing transitions.


Ashtanga yoga builds muscular strength, flexibility and balance through its postures.

It improves cardiovascular health through its flowing transitions.

It calms the mind by working on the nervous system.

It builds confidence andf self-esteem as you start to find the postures easier (eventually!)

It's a challenge - but it's worth it. 


Booking essential as places are limited.  

Our meditation classes are led by our Sound Meditation Therapist, qualified at the highest level with internationally-respected BAST and our Nidra teacher trained with the acclaimed iRest.

Welcome to The Mandala - Preston's hub of Yoga and Wellbeing.

We’re delighted you’re here! 

Emma and the Mandala team 

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