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To enquire about our Drum Circles email Emma at: EmmaBeBliss@outlook.com
Or call 07549 934 944

Drum Circles & Drum Circle mindfulness programmes are available throughout Lancashire and are suitable for children aged 5+ as part of the school day as well as after-school and school holiday activities.

A fun and fully accessible programme or one-off session that teaches emotional wellbeing and social skills in an engaging and memorable way.

Drum Circles have many benefits for young people's wellbeing, social skills, confidence and learning.

What is a Facilitated Drum Circle?

Drum Circles

  • Look like a group of people sitting in a circle with drums and percussion instruments
  • Sound joyous and stress-relieving
  • Feel fun, confidence-building and community-building.

A facilitated drum circle is energising, joyous, stress relieving, confidence-building and great fun, they can also be designed to explore and support emotional and social wellbeing and to support the curriculm.

We all sit in a circle with drums, shakers, bells, wooden frogs, rainsticks and more and the Drum Circle is 'led' by a facilitator in response to what is happening in the room and to the purpose of the sessions. The facilitation enables everyone to feel confident, connect to rhythm in their own unique way and contribute to the whole, everyone is gently guided together to a very high level of spirited rhythmical exploration and expression.

About Drum Circles in Schools

Drumming is a wonderful way to explore emotional and social wellbeing.

Educators and community group leaders who have witnessed the Facilitated Drum Circles have commented on the high levels of engagement achieved, particularly when exploring challenging concepts.

Drum Circles can be structured to support a wide range of aims and to support exploration of a wide range of topics, including:-

  • Exploring complex emotions and how to process and release them safely
  • Support for exam periods
  • Stress relief
  • Exploring diversity, anti-bullying, social and emotional wellbeing and healthy relationships
  • Supporting the development of confidence, focus, communication skills, co-operation and leadership

Drum Circles are a form of mindfulness because we have to be fully present in order to hear the spaces in which we can play and to be alert to our hand positioning and level of force. We can also go deeper and think about physical and emotional sensations while drumming at different tempos and volumes and with guided discussion we can explore how mindfulness enables us to make conscious decisions because we are so in-tune with how we are feeling and thinking; enabling us to consciously choose how  to express our emotions in a way that doesn’t cause harm to ourselves or others.

Emma Yoga Teacher

About Emma

Helllo, I'm Emma Mandala's Studio Director, yoga teacher and a Village Circle trained Drum Circle Facilitator.

I work with rhythm and movement for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I was trained to teach Ashtanga Yoga with world-renowned John Scott. This is a rhythm-based movement practice and many of it's benefits are rooted in that rhythmic nature.

I realised that the more rhythmic the practice, the more relaxed and confident the participants became, and this led me on a journey of training to deepen my understanding of how and why this happens and how we can harness the power of rhythm.

This exploration of rhythm took me on a journey of training to be a Drum Circle Facilitator with the Village Drum Circle school, Sound Therapist with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), a therapeutic drummer with BAST and Marla Leigh and Groove dance facilitation with Misty Tripoli.

My intention is to be a highly engaging teacher who teaches with a focus on clear communication, empowerment, joy and compassion.

As well as studio classes, I work within the community teaching in youth clubs and with the Lancashire Youth Challenge, workplaces, on NHS programmes and with members of our community with physical and mental health challenges including those with deafness, MS, who use a wheelchair and have cognitive challenges.

My intention with every session is heart-lifting and empowering, bringing about a balance of energised calm. I aim to share movement and mindfulness practices with kindness, encouragement and joy.

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