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Creative Space: Monthly

occurs on: Monthly: 3rd Saturday of the Month
time: 13:00-17:00
cost: £5 per session
Bring your visual arts and textiles projects to work on in our light-filled Sun studio!

Expect a relaxed, informal environment where we can learn from each other, share practice and styles, try new mediums and equipment and connect with each other.

Tables chairs and a well lit room will be available so bring your materials, settle in a let your creativity flow.

Restrictions: Mandala is a yoga studio and as such we MUST NOT use materials which may leave residue aromas (no oils, no linseed or turps). If you use fixative you will need to spray outside the building at the end of the session.

We will all help clean the space when we leave so that the yoga practitioners come into the space as they left it.

Let’s create!

Drop-in and leave as your schedule requires.
Monthly - 3rd Saturday of the month

Tea/Coffee making facilities available
Tables and chairs provided - some drawing boards up to A3 size can be available
Knee bolsters for anyone wanting to work at larger scale in the floor
Large drawing paper available at £2 per metre

Next sessions:
Sat 16th March https://momence.com/s/100067698
Sat 20th April https://momence.com/s/100675573
Sat 18th May https://momence.com/s/100067701
Sat 15th June https://momence.com/s/100067711

Do I need to bring materials?

No, we provide everything you need

What sort of things will we be doing?

We will be creating things with our hands.

Sessions include a huge range of simple activities from making pom-poms and keyrings to jewellery and paintings! While creating we will be exploring crochet, weaving, painting, sewing and more.

No experience or special skills are needed, everything is explained and demonstrated and the lovely Joey wanders around to provide support one to one.

Do I need experience?

No, our lovely session leader shows everyone what to do and helps everyone with their creations. Whether we are making pom-poms, weaving, sewing, painting, crocheting or something else - you will get lots of help.

Do I need to be good at art?

What is good at art anyway? We believe that making things with our hands is a way to relax and when we do that in a group the atmosphere of calm helps us to dial down our nervous systems which is great for body & mind.

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