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Liforme Yoga Mat


High quality sticky yoga mat with alignment lines and planet-friendly material.
All items to be collected from the studio, please note we do not ship items out


I use Liforme mats for my personal practice and for teaching and have done for years after I kicked holes in far too many mats! When I practice overseas I book extra luggage so that I can take my mat with me.

Here's why I love and recommend Liforme mats (especially for Ashtanga yoga)

  • Great grip but  smooth flow - fabulous for downdogs and backbends while not too sticky as to impede flow
  • Alignment lines - for those of us who find it difficult to know what parallel feet looks like!!
  • Long-lasting - my practice mat is still going after 7 years
  • Eco-aware - as well as lasting for years so reducing landfill, they use non-toxic ink, are PVC free and once disposed of are designed to biodegrade in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions
  • Easy to clean - smooth surface makes them easier to clean than mats with bumps

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