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Our Mission

We are a not for profit community of wellbeing for all. We aim to be a force for good in our community by uplifting everyone we serve, through offering the highest quality teaching, therapies and services in a truly welcoming and inclusive environment, thereby offering real connection.

Our Values

Accessibility and inclusivity - we are here for everyone – regardless of age, ethnicity, size, mobility, language, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or lifestyle. We welcome all equally and respectfully and we actively work to remove the obstacles to access to and participation in activities that support mental and physical wellbeing.

Empowerment - teachers are here to empower the individual's own enquiry into the potential of their body and mind.

Authenticity - we honour the history of the practices we teach, as well as evolving knowledge. Yoga and Groove are not just what we do on the mat, but how we live our lives.

Excellence  - we are home to outstanding teachers and therapists who are highly trained and experienced.

Community – a sense of belonging - wellbeing starts with connection, so our home is your home and everyone is always welcomed with warmth.

Our Beliefs

  • The body-mind connection - the health of the body influences and is influenced by the health of the mind and both are influenced by the environment and whether we feel safe and valued with purpose and belonging
  • Movement is great, movement with rhythm is even better.
  • Every body and every mind is different - and that's awesome.
  • The place we spend time on body and mind is also a place of friendship. 
  • When we pay attention to our bodies and our minds we start to be able to nourish and care for them, and what we nourish and care for we fall in love with.
  • Our relationship with others starts with the relationship with self.
  • The benefits of a wellbeing practice ripple out into the world as we become more patient, calm and tolerant.
  • Everybody can practice yoga, dance, art and music - I teach people in wheelchairs, with deafness and with cognitive challenges - we adapt to the humans in our presence.
  • Music, rhythm and friendship can be transformative.
  • Living in Preston (the rainiest place in England) is pretty fabulous. 

It is such a joy to be a part of such a welcoming community of friendly students and highly qualified and experienced teachers and therapists with a deep love of our city and its fabulous people. 

 We're a community of wellbeing.

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