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The ability to bend, twist, stretch, and move freely and confidently is important at all ages. We believe that movement is for every body and we have two wonderful teachers who are experienced and trained in teaching Yoga and Groove to older people.

Yoga and Groove help with balance, joint mobility, strength, respiratory health as well as reduced stress and improved mood and and social connection. They can also help with sleep, improved pain management.


Chair-based yoga is calming and can be taken fully seated or as a mix of seated and standing. In chair yoga we explore moving the joints safely, improving our balance and breathing.

Alison and Emma offer lots of modifications to make the classes suitable for all.


Groove is a fun, joyful dance class like no other and the class can be taken seated or as a mix of chair-based and standing.

Emma is trained to teach Groove to older and less mobile members of our community having completed the Groove Young at Heart training programme. She teaches Groove to deaf community members and those in wheelchairs, her mainstream classes are accessible to all

In Groove every movement is done 'your way'


To enquire about us teaching Yoga or Groove to your community get in touch with Emma


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