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The Mandala Preston is a 'NON-PROFIT' dedicated Yoga and Complementary Therapy Centre, supporting Mental Health.  We are based in the middle of Preston City Centre and have now been officially listed as a CIC (Community Interest Company).  The main charity supported by Mandala is 'Mind'.  The 'key' element of what we do is to help with all health aspects of the human being, which ultimately works with creating a balanced thinking mind.


We offer a range of classes for all levels and ability of student from beginners to advanced. Please see our timetable for something that will suit your needs. The Mandala Preston provides complementary therapies and supports orthodox medicine in the healing process of individuals.


Our aim is to reach out into the Community and provide a supportive place for Reflection, Transformation and Healing.


We have a spacious main studio with changing rooms, a smaller second studio, therapy rooms, waiting area, toilets and shower room. There is a wheelchair ramp for ease of access to the Therapy Suite and Studio 2 as required. Yoga mats and props are available at Mandala, so you only need to bring yourself, although if you prefer to use your own equipment, please feel free to bring this along with you.


The Mandala Preston is a place for enjoyment and to promote a healthier YOU!  By taking steps to achieving this, we hope to give you balance back into your life and a 'smile' on your face!



Mandala Origin


Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word for circle, connection, community. It also means entire world, centre of the Universe, magic circle, or healing circle. A mandala is a sacred symbol used for meditation, particularly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Though there are many kinds of mandalas, they are typically vibrant, colourful representations of the whole world. As one meditates on a mandala, one’s consciousness passes through outer protective circles (symbolising grasping at the surface or exterior of things), then enters square structures and inner gates that enclose the centre point or bindu (which symbolises the essence of life).


Many traditions in Western culture have their own sacred circles, like the medicine wheels used in Native American healing ceremonies and the talismans of blessing and protection found in many other religions and traditions.


LATEST NEWS -  (updated Monday 27 February 2017):



There will be no Mens Yoga evening of 8th March, but back to normal the following week 15 March.  If any of you wish to do a yoga practice that evening then the earlier class at 6pm will still be on, on the 8th March.



NEW CLASSES/COURSES/EVENTS: (please check 'Timetable' & Courses, or Events Page for more information)

  • Classical Hatha Yoga (Sivananda Style) on Wednesdays 7.30 - 8.45 starts next 6 week block on !st March 2017 . Please notify Michelle Quick for any information:
  • Saturday 4 March bring us another great KIRTAN EVENING with Peter Barrett 7 - 9pm/£6
  • Sunday 5 March is a diverse Yoga Workshop based on Yin & Yang aspects of ourselves and life. Details are on the Events page. (please click on events to take you through..)



I am generally available to chat with you if you have any questions.  If not, leave me a message and I will call you back, or please call me again.


Please contact Marguerita on 07809119509










25 & 26 March 2017

This will be an opportunity to meet the professional THERAPISTS working here and to inform you of how the different practices they offer may help to restore balance and health in your life.


You can chat with the variety of Therapists througout the afternoons both on Saturday and Sunday and experience time with a therapist offering specialist knowledge. For example: to help heal muscular aches/pains etc. May be enjoy the pure luxury of body treatments to relax!

Discover the natural healing aspects of Ayurveda and how Nurtrition/what you eat can bring about more vitality, help you sleep better and support healing with many medical conditions. The value of Mindfulness in everyday situations.


Open Weekend includes a HEALTH MARKET with food tasters, gifts to buy for 'Mothers Day' and lots more!

Drop in to share a 'Cuppa?


Doors open12.00-18.00

Bookings taken to try various styles of Complementary Therapy for FREE!

There will also be free pop-up therapeutic classes

Detailed leaflet on Events page

(click on Events to go to page)


Our practice studio












We are now entering our sixth year to slowly and organically spread our wings at The Mandala.  With patience, we are seeing progress towards providing a unique place for you to drop into and chill out.  Your comments on the fab energy within Mandala are what I felt when I first walked into the building. Over the years it has been a building where people have been to, to enjoy themselves!  We plan to keep things simple, but with the essentials that make you feel at home.

Mandala aims to help you maintain your health and we support organisations doing the same.



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