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The Mandala Preston is a 'NON-PROFIT' dedicated Yoga and Complementary Therapy Centre based in the middle of Preston City Centre. We offer a range of classes for all levels and ability of student from beginners to advanced. Please see our timetable for something that will suit your needs. The Mandala Preston also provides complementary therapies and supports orthodox medicine in the healing process of individuals.


Our aim to reach out into the Community and provide a supportive place for Reflection, Transformation and Healing.


We have a spacious main studio with changing rooms, a smaller second studio, therapy rooms, waiting area, toilets and shower room. There is a wheelchair ramp for ease of access to the Therapy Suite and Studio 2 as required. Yoga mats and props are available at Mandala, so you only need to bring yourself, although if you prefer to use your own equipment, please feel free to bring this along with you.


The Mandala Preston is a place for enjoyment and to promote a healthier YOU!  By taking steps to achieving this, we hope to give you balance back into your life and a 'smile' on your face!



Mandala Origin


Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word for circle, connection, community. It also means entire world, centre of the Universe, magic circle, or healing circle. A mandala is a sacred symbol used for meditation, particularly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Though there are many kinds of mandalas, they are typically vibrant, colourful representations of the whole world. As one meditates on a mandala, one’s consciousness passes through outer protective circles (symbolising grasping at the surface or exterior of things), then enters square structures and inner gates that enclose the centre point or bindu (which symbolises the essence of life).


Many traditions in Western culture have their own sacred circles, like the medicine wheels used in Native American healing ceremonies and the talismans of blessing and protection found in many other religions and traditions.



Sincere apologies, but due to Bank Holiday weekend only Antenatal Yoga will be running as usual. 



The Saturday class 9 - 10.30am will not be on this Bank Holiday weekend 30 April. The class will be back as usual the following Saturday 7 May.


NEW CLASSES in APRIL 16/please check timetable for more information:

  • YIN YOGA will be starting on Monday evenings 18.00 - 19.15 from 4 April 16 with Alison Gough.  This is a meditative form of practice and ideal for gently stretching and realigning you body.  Alison will set the practices to work on different systems of the body as well as address aspects of yoga health.
  • JNANA YOGA will be starting on 5 May.  It is the yoga of 'knowledge and understanding' why we do what we do, e.g breathing and its values relating to health..  More info on Class Information page (please click to see page)





I am generally available to chat with you if you have any questions.  If not, leave me a message and I will call you back, or please call me again.


Please contact Marguerita on 07809119509

Take notice of the hidden gems nature offers at this time of year.  Snow-drops and crocus push through to give a display of delicacy and yet strength! We relish eating food grown on the earth to provide us with health and to protect us from illness, how can we not respect this amazing activity in our lives...ENJOY!!


This picture is not the residence Mandala will be using, but it has all the similar qualities with the addition of its own pool.  Actual photos of the venue and residence for the Retreat will be up here soon!

We are planning an escape for you twice a year, Spring and Autumn.  The costs will be kept low and we aim to provide good healthy food with options to detox if you wish, Therapeutic treatments with on site Holistic Massage Therapist of many years experience and time to indulge yourself in choices of relaxation yoga and/or meditation.

May be just escape to rest...

Date: 30 Sept - 3 Oct



Our practice studio












We are now entering our fifth year to slowly and organically spread our wings at The Mandala.  With patience, we are seeing progress towards providing a unique place for you to drop into and chill out.  Your comments on the fab energy within Mandala are what I felt when I first walked into the building. Over the years it has been a building where people have been to, to enjoy themselves!  We plan to keep things simple, but with the essentials that make you feel at home.

Mandala aims to help you maintain your health and we support organisations & offer assistance towards this goal.



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