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Date  Time  Event  Price  Booking? Teacher   
4th 10-12:00

Yin yoga special

£14 Prebook


15th 10-12 Children’s Yoga 5-12yrs £10   Danielle   
15th 12:15-13-15 Family Yoga 4+ £5   Danielle   
25th 4-5:45pm Anima Embodied  £10   Sue Smith   
25th  6:15-8pm Inner Dance  £10   Sue Smith  
29th 10-12

Children’s Yoga


£10   Danielle   
29th 12:15-13:15

Family Yoga


£5   Danielle   


Date  Time  Event  Price  Booking? Teacher   
4th 7:30-9:30pm Goddness Meditation & Attunement £15 Prebook


15th  11:30-1:30 Sunday Soundbath  £18 Prebook


28th 10:30-1:00 Yoga Philosophy & Short Practice £25  Prebook

Donna at

28th 7-9:30pm Moon Medicine Cacao Circle £25 Prebook



Yin Yoga Monthly Specials 

First Sunday of the month (check details above for times and dates)


A gentle longer class to enable you to take more time exploring and experiencing your body, breath and mind as you ease into each posture finding physical release. 

Suitable for all levels.


Alison is a highly qualified and experienced yin yoga teacher with excellent verbal cues. She trained in yin yoga with world-renowned teacher Sarah Powers.


Teacher: Alison Gough 

Enquiries/Booking: / 07814865998

Inner Dance Monthly Classes 

Sundays 4pm -6pm: £10

next Class 25th July


These sessions use music play-lists to take you on an inner journey.

  • Based on the healing response to listening to certain types of music Inner Dance Therapy has had healing success stories documented in newspapers and in a documentary.
  • Workshops are held the worldover and the founder has created healing spaces across the Phillipines working closely with the Medical Community.
  • Katie Holland was blessed with permission to carry on the Teachings of Pi. Sue Smith trained with Katie Holland, is able to bring the authentic teachings of this subtle healing and balancing method to us...


Teacher: Sue Smith or 07985 092387



September Sunday Soundbath Sept 15th

October Sunday Soundbath Oct 13th

November Sunday Soundbath Nov 17th


Emma’s yoga & Soundbath sessions release tension, provide mental clarity and deep relaxation.


A relaxing breathing practice to ease you out of mind and into relaxation, then wrap yourself in a beautiful Mexican blanket with cushions to keep you comfy while Emma plays Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls to lull you into a gorgeous state of bliss.


Emma is one of the highest qualified sound therapists in the country. She studied with the world-learning British Academy of Sound Therapy, her commission by Harris Art Gallery for the Lancashire Encounter arts festival Soundbath booked up weeks before the event, her commissioned Soundscape accompanying Luke Jerome’s Moon art installation sold out in 3 hours and Emma’s soundbaths always sell-out.


Teacher:  Emma Lowther-Wright

Booking and Enquires / 07816 531 010



iRest® Yoga Nidra

29th September

24th November



Join Alison for iRest yoga nidra - a non-physical practice which is deeply relaxing for body, mind and spirit. Get comfortable as Alison guides you through a series of stages including awareness of body, breath and thoughts to help you deeply relax and ease away unecessary tension. You'll leave feeling rested and restored.


Alison has studied with James Reeves, one of Europe's leading iRest teachers and teacher trainers. She is one of the only level 2 trained teachers in the north west. 


Can't make it to one of the group iRest classes? Alison also offers 1-2-1 iRest practices which are tailored to your needs and requirements, whether you wish to sleep better, relieve stress and anxiety, achieve better overall wellbeing or deal with trauma or chronic pain. Get in touch with Alison for further details. 


Teacher: Alison Gough 

Enquiries/Booking: / 07814865998

Goddess Meditation & Attunement Night


A Night of Sacred Feminine Meditation, Devotion and Alignment


This beautiful night for women offers a unique opportunity to experience your own divinity and shakti (sacred power) through meditation together.


Acting as your guide Louise will commentate on the process that unfolds whilst you meditate. In this sacred space it is possible for you to meet your own inner goddess/es and for more of your kundalini /shakti to be safely activated and awakened. Each night is different as it works toward the needs of the individual and group, divinely guided and tailored to support you in the ways that are best for you.


The night is a mixture of guided or commentated meditation and freestyle meditation liberating you from any pre-conceived ideas of what embodying goddess energy means for you. There is space provided for sharing and inquiring, which creates a community feel of sisterhood.


If you are a woman that struggles with the masculine concepts of meditation such as ‘quiet your mind’, ‘sit still’, ‘find peace’; then you may find that you prefer this feminine style of meditation with no holds barred radical feminine expression available should you want it.


It is suitable for beginners and seasoned meditators and the whole session is guided by Louise.


 Booking essential by emailing Louise (see below)


Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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