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Yoga & Suffering

May 12, 2021

Metta Meditation

In yoga we focus on what is, in that moment. However, we also become deeply aware that

1: Nothing is permanent - change is inevitable
2: Everything is connected and interdependent - separation is an illusion
3: We have choices - we create change through every thought, word and action

When we become aware of suffering we have the option to try to discern the root of that suffering and to meditate on whether the suffering is caused by unhelpful desires which can be worked on or waited out, or is natural and should be simply sat with for a while. Or whether the suffering is caused by harm done, by unhelpful actions that should be worked to resolve.

Yoga isn’t ignoring pain and suffering and always waiting for it to pass or thinking happy thoughts - although sometimes it is. Nor is it descending into helpless sorrow. Nor is it ignoring negative things in the world because they disturb our inner peace - although sometimes it might be.

Yoga is active awareness and discernment - being aware, discerning and choosing consciously what to do about it. Sometimes that’s allowing, watching and waiting, sometimes it’s seeing the unhelpful self cause and reframing, sometimes it’s understanding structural causes and acting.

Metta meditation is a wonderful example of acknowledging suffering and envisioning and hoping for love and peace. Our thoughts influence our actions. We can choose to witness the truth of suffering and choose to envision and work towards a happier, healthier future ❤️💫 Thank you beautiful community for being wonderful xxx

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