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Ashtanga Yoga

Why Ashtanga Yoga?
Your Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga Yoga Timetable
Ashtanga is the most energetic and challenging form of yoga, it's also very traditional with a lineage tradition. Emma is trained by a lineage teacher.

Ashtanga yoga combines flexibility, strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness as well as a cultivation of focus, curiosity, deep awareness and control of the nervous system.

It suits those who are happy to work at their physical yoga practice and to sweat and progress.

You'll learn the Ashtanga yoga sequence so that it becomes a joyful moving meditation and you'll notice your progression.

If you want to delve deeper there’s plenty to learn in this practice including the Sanskrit names, the Ashtanga count, mantras, philosophy and pranayama (breathing) and meditation practices, which you can pick up along the way, through the video library or through specific workshop sessions delivered at the Shala. Or you can pop along when you can and join in the peaceful yet joyful yoga sequence.

Our Ashtanga yoga students are a lovely, welcoming community.
We have 1 or 2 drop-in spaces per Ashtanga yoga class or you can guarantee a mat-space with our month membership options here
Hi. I'm Emma Lowther-Wright and I am very fortunate to have been trained to teach Ashtanga Yoga by world-renowned John Scott. John is one of the key teachers who brought Ashtanga yoga from India to Europe, he drew the well known Ashtanga sequence stick figures and with Lino Miles he recorded the count. John taught Madonna and Sting and teaches with an absolute joy of and curiosity about movement.

I am dedicatd to and immersed in the Ashtanga practice and continue to travel to study with senior 500hr international teachers including Eddie Stern, Scott Johnson and Greg Nardi. Ashtanga yoga rid me of severe IBS and regular sinus infections and is my daily practice, bringing me inner and outer strength, calm, focus and gratitude.

I teach with an emphasis on clear communication, empowerment, joy and compassion. I am especially interested in the neuroscience of yoga, how yoga can release physically held mental and emotional tension and how yoga can help us to live with greater joy, confidence and ease.

As well as studio classes I work within the community to bring yoga and mindful movement to all who can benefit including teaching in workplaces and education settings and to members of our community with physical and mental health challenges including those with deafness, who use a wheelchair and have cognitive challenges.

I am a lover of mindful rhythmic movement as a life-enhancing practice and am also trained in additional mindful movement practices including ballet fitness, Barre, Pound, BodyGroove dance and sound therapy meditation.

My classes are heart-lifting, empowering, flowing dances to the rhythm of the breath. I share movement and meditation practices with kindness, encouragement and joy - I hope to welcome you to a class soon.
Day Time Class Type  Drop-In              Membership
Monday 7:30 - 9:30pm


See guidance below


£30 per month 1 class per week

Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30pm Ashtanga Beginners Cours N/A £42 5 week course
Wednesday 6:00 - 7:15pm 


Half Primary

£9 £30 per month 1 class per week
Thursday 6:00 - 7:00pm


Beginner Progression

£8 £30 per month 1 class per week
Friday 6:00 - 7:30pm

Counted Full Primary

Advanced class

£9 £30 per month 1 class per week
Mysore - in a Mysore Ashtanga class you work at your own pace with individualised guidance from me. To attend this class you will need to be familiar with the Surya Namaskaras (sun salutations) and standing sequence, you don't need to know them from memory as I can prompt you. I will then teach you additional postures as you progress.

I recommend that you attend one of the counted classes to become familar with the Surya Namaskaras and standing sequence before attending the class, unless you already have an Ashtanga practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Classes


We also hold workshops throughout the year to explore the 8 limbs of the practice and to build our friendships. 

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Mysore Ashtanga Yoga

A Mysore class is a silent, peaceful highly personalised class in which the teacher works with each student in detail where needed. You can arrive and leave whenever you like during the Mysore class as everyone will be working at their own pace.

The Mysore yoga class gives you more time to explore postures you want to work on with me and to move through the sequence at your own pace. I will come along and assist where I think you might need help and you can indicate to me that you want assistance by sitting or standing still, there's no rush to get into or out of postures, I teach you additional postures in the sequence when you are ready and teach deepening of postures when you are ready. We can even create a specific yoga sequence for you with individual adaptations for your body.

It's a powerfully moving experience and a wonderful way to deepen your practice. 

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Counted Ashtanga Yoga

A counted class is what most of us are familiar with, I talk you through and demonstrate the yoga asana and every student is working at the same pace.

We have 3 durations of counted class each week (60, 75 and 90minutes). The 3 class durations are progressively more challenging with the 90minute class being the full Primary series. If you're a beginner join either the beginners course, the 60minute or 75minute class. 

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Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course

Date:  May 18th - June 15th
Time: Tuesdays: 7:30 - 8:30pm
Cost: £42

Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course

Limited to 10 slots

Rise-up, spread those wings and be your power.  

Ashtanga Yoga is an energetic practice of strength and grace.
It builds muscular strength, flexibility and balance through its postures.
It improves cardiovascular health through its flowing transitions.
It calms the mind by working on the nervous system.
It builds confidence and self-esteem as you start to find the postures easier (eventually!)
It’s a challenge - but it’s worth it.

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What if I've never done yoga before?

Good, this guide is for you - you're in the right place.

What do I bring?

We provide mats for you to borrow, or you can bring your own. As you start to build your yoga practice you'll very likely find that you buy a mat that you love and will want to use that one all the time, but if not - that's fine - you can use one of ours forever.

What do I wear?

Whatever you're comfortable stretching and moving in. T-shirt or vest top and leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms. We practice bare foot - so no need for fancy trainers, you'll be leaving them downstairs anyway :)

How do I pay?

Most of our classes are drop-in (except for where indicated on the timetable) so you will pay the teacher in cash when you arrive. The teacher will have a box or bowl by their mat.

How long before class should I arrive?

The doors are generally open 15minutes before class, so from then up until class start time. If you're running late just creep into class quietly.

What do I do when I've arrived?

When I arrived at my first class I was pretty nervous and I just copied everyone else and hoped for the best, I lived to tell the tale and loved it (well I became a yoga teacher so...), but here's a guide.

Pop your shoes in the crates by the door and walk into the class, pop your class fee into the box/bowl. Either say "hi I'm new" to the person who looks like the teacher if you feel like it, or if you sit or stand on a mat the teacher will spot you as new and come and have a chat. All that said, we're pretty good at spotting whose new and making sure you're not lost!

Which class should I choose?

Whichever one sounds as though you would like it (expect if you're not pregnant - then you shouldn't go to the pregnancy class, or if you're a woman - then you won't want the male only class!)

The timetable indicates whether a class is gentle, energetic or inbetween. The class descriptions give more detail.

If you want a slow class, holding postures for 5-10 minutes, with soft music - go for yin. If you want something energetic and challenging seeped in tradition go for Ashtanga, something in the middle - go for any of the other classes.

What if I want to get flexible?

All the yoga classes build flexibility so take your pick.

What if I want to build strength and fitness?

Then you're better opting for Ashtanga Yoga, or Energetic Hatha.

What if I want to feel calm?

The Yoga for Anxiety course and the Release and Relax courses are perfect for calming, especially for beginners.

If you've completed those courses, don't fancy them, or you just want a drop-in class the right one depends on what works for you. If you think that it would help to be still and quiet with small movements, holding postures for several minutes - go for Yin. If you think that it would help to be moving and focusing on matching your breathing and movements - go for Ashtanga. If you think something inbetween would work - go for Hatha.

What if I'm shy?

Most humans are a bit wary of new stuff, we recognise that and we're super-friendly and welcoming and help to make you feel comfortable. Our students are all also very lovely.

What if I'm not flexible, strong, fit and can't balance?

Good! Yoga will help you to become more flexible, strong, fit and well balanced. More importantly though it will also help you feel healthy, sleep better, feel calm, focus more and generally feel good. Most of us fall out of postures sometimes and have a giggle, that's all part of the yoga.

What if I'm very flexible, strong, fit and great at balancing?

Good! All of the above applies to you too.

What happens in a yoga class?

It depends on the class but something like....a calming opening maybe some guided breathing and body awareness, maybe guidance on calming the mind. Some gentle warming up stretches. Then the yoga postures - the teacher will explain them all and demonstrate them if needed. Then a lovely relaxation at the end, you might even get a blanket! Then you go home feeling happier and calmer.

Are your teachers qualified?

We're pretty proud of how well trained, highly qualified, experienced and specialist our teachers are. We're a pretty geeky yoga-obsessed community of teachers who continue to undertake continuining professional development.

All of our teachers are trained by registered yoga tecaher teaching bodies - either Yoga Alliance or British Wheel of Yoga and many also hold additional yoga teaching qualifications.

For example, Emma (Ashtanga) was trained to teach by world-renowned Ashtanga teacher John Scott and deepens her learning with Scott Johnson as well as studying trauma, neuroscience and the body-mind connection. Alison (Yin) was trained in yin by internationally-respected Yin teacher Sarah Powers. Danielle (Pregnancy, children and post-natal) has extensive qualifications in teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga and health.

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