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Which Yoga Style to Choose?

June 5, 2023

So, you've decided to join a Yoga studio but now are presented with options you didn't event know existed? No worries, here's a guide to help you choose the style of yoga that's right for you.

But first you might be wondering why there are so many styles of yoga in studios and why we don't just call it all 'yoga'.

There are many styles of yoga because there are many types of human with their various preferences. Some people want a super soft, slow and gentle style, some want lots of flow, some like a physical challenge...there's a yoga style for every body and mind.

Mandala is a traditional yoga studio, our yoga styles honour their traditions, so we don't have 'yoga for sport' (all yoga is for people who do sport) or 'yoga for relaxation' (all yoga is relaxing, but some people find lots of movement relaxing and some people find stillness relaxing), we give you the facts and let you choose what's best for you, and if you want advice then just pop me a message or give me a ring.

Aerial Yoga: A slow and strong style

This style of yoga uses a hammock and has gorgeous playlists!

Expect slow flowing movements that help you to build strength, flexibility and balance. The slower paced flow helps you to connect with your body, to learn where to engage and where to soften, helping you to release from unhelpful movement patterns and to really engage your core!

We start with a relaxation sitting in the hammocks to help us to let go of the day and then we use the hammocks in yoga postures to build strength, flexibility and balance. These classes include the option to go upside down in the hammocks which is great for our spine and shoulders. We end with a 5 minute relaxation in the hammocks.

Aerial Yoga Preston
Aerial Yoga Preston

Ashtanga Yoga: A strong & energetic style

A strong and sweaty practice to help you build strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness as well as a cultivation of focus, curiosity, deep awareness and control of the nervous system.

Ashtanga is the most energetic and challenging form of yoga and the teacher physically assists you to help you to get the most from your practice.

Every posture is held for 5 breaths and every movement between postures is for one breath. This focus on the breath builds cardiovascular health as well as reducing stress by balancing the nervous system.

Expect standing postures, followed by seated and supine (laying down) postures and a short relaxation at the end of class.

Quality yoga teaching

Chair Yoga: An accessible yoga class

A yoga practice that is chair-based with exercises for every part of your body in every class. You can stay seated throughout or also use the chair for support in postures that build strength and balance.

Hatha Yoga: A soft & slow style with 20-30minute relaxation

A gentle, slow class focused on relaxation and flexibility with postures held for several minutes. This class is all about releasing tension from body and mind.

The postures are simple (no pretzel work here!) and mainly seated and laying down using props for extra comfort and held for slightly longer than in a regular class, to encourage release.

There's also breath work to calm the mind and induce a relaxed state and the class ends with a lovely 20-30 minute guided relaxation meditation.

yoga beginners class
Yoga classes in Preston: A friendly community

Vinyasa Yoga: An energetic style with short relaxation

More energetic than Hatha and less energetic than Ashtanga and designed to build flexibility, balance and strength. In Vinyasa yoga you will be led through a different flowing sequence of poses every week.

Postures include standing, seated and laying down and there's a short relaxation at the end of the class.

Yin Yoga: A soft & slow style with 15minute relaxation

A simple, gentle and soothing class to help soften your body and relax your mind.

Yin yoga includes very simple to understand postures helps for several minutes. Most of the postures are seated and lying down and they are focused on helping you to become more mobile and flexible. The simplicity and slow pace of the practice suits those who find slowing down helps to release mental and emotional tension.

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