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What is perfect anyway?

March 31, 2023

What is perfect anyway?

If you are delaying joining a yoga class because you’re not flexible, strong or because you’re tired or mentally frayed….you should join now!

Yoga isn’t about perfection.

We practice yoga so that we can look after ourselves, so that we can start to feel more flexible, strong, energised and calm and steady of mind.

It’s also not a linear growth, life happens, sometimes even the teacher topples and forgets what they were saying mid-cue 🤣

There’s absolutely ZERO judgement in a yoga class.

The teacher is there to meet you where you are right now, not how you were yesterday or last week.

Yoga teachers don’t make comparisons, they encourage and SUPPORT each individual student as you are.

So, see if you can rest your hesitations and gift yourself the act of self love that is yoga - today ❤️

If you’re not sure about which class to choose take a look at the class descriptions, or pop me a message 🙏

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