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Sound Therapy

60mins £30 / Course of 4 sessions including 90 minute initial session: £150
Sound Meditation Therapy is a powerful alternative to traditional talking therapies and a highly effective way to deal with physical, emotional and psychological pain and tension.

This therapy takes you out of your ordinary stressed thinking mind into a quiet, relaxed state before then reflecting on possible solutions.

To book or to have a chat to find out more email or call Emma
07549 934 944

What happens in a Sound Meditation Therapy session?

The sessions are split into 3 parts
1: Exploration - We start with an exploration of your challenges and how you feel about them

2: Deep Relaxation - You will lay on a massage coach with a blanket while Emma plays you Tibetan bowls or shamanic frame drum in a way tailored to you.

3: Guided Reflection - Emma will ask you questions to help you to reflect and to work through your challenges, process your feelings and thoughts and find solutions.

This combination of deep relaxation and reflective questioning enables you to see yourself, your situation and potential solutions much more clearly and to make significant progress towards your goals.

What can Sound Meditation Therapy help with?

25 years of research shows that this method helps many people who are looking to overcome physical, mental or emotional difficulties including...

Grief and loss
Physical pain
Stress and stress related symptoms
Anger issues
Confusion, uncertainty and sense of loss of self
Dementia and Alzheimers

Clients use one to one Meditation Sound therapy for support going through a difficult time, working on confusion, negative patterns of thinking or behaviours.

How does Sound Meditation Therapy Work?

Sound Meditation Therapy works by using specific sounds to relax body and mind. When we are deeply relaxed we come out of the stress response and are able to see our situation and options more clearly.

The sound meditation slows the heart rate and brain waves, relaxes muscles and soothes the emotional and mental state and releases us from patterns of thought and emotion.

Once mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed our thinking patterns change and we can see our processes, patterns and choices more clearly which enables the client to achieve more from the talking aspect of the therapy session.

What training has the therapist had?

Emma is trained at the highest level in the BAST method of sound meditation therapy, which is underpinned by 25 years of extensive research. BAST Practioner Level therapists are highly trained and regulated by the Therapeutic Association of Sound and the Complementary Medical Association to provide high quality care which adheres to best practice.

What's the science?

Brain scans can now show us why humans have been using sound meditation to help us to find solutions for at least hundreds of years.

When we are stressed we are expecting danger and our body and mind goes into a protective state to prepare to protect us from the perceived threat - fight, freeze or flight which engages the sympathetic branch of the nervous system which tightens muscles, speeds up breathing and heart rate, affects digestion and reduces our creativity, creates looped thinking and closed-mindedness, stifles our libido and sense of humour and much more.

In this state of body and mind it is difficult to see clearly, let go of unhelpful though patterns and see solutions.

In sound meditation therapy we bring our to that fight, flight, freeze state and into a rest and digest state in which creative thought, joy and clarity are much more likely.

about the Therapist

Emma Lowther-Wright Sound Therapist

Emma is a certified sound therapist Practioner holding the British Academy of Sound Therapy PL.Dip.ST and trained with Marla Leigh, one of the world's leading frame drummers. She is also a yoga teacher and our Studio Director.

Emma's Soundbaths are very popular and she performed at the Under the Moon exhibition at Harris Museum and at the Lancashire Encounters festival.
RYT 200hrs, BAST PLdip, Groove Facilitator, POUND, Barre Concept

This therapy has enabled me to reflect on what I need to do in order to tackle years long issues in a positive way and to move forward. I honestly couldn't ask for a better therapist, she takes her time to deeply listen to what you are expressing and responds to that perfectly. Elizabeth

Tackled Years Long Issues

I had 4 amazing sessions with Emma and I can't recommend them enough. Emma really is such a fabulous listener and really goes out of her way to tailor the sounds to your needs, taking time to ensure the maximum benefit. After each session targeting different areas I felt relaxed and more able to cope alongside a very restful and reenergising sleep. Emma's soundbaths also helped me to manage pain and stress levels. Please don't hesitate to book in with Emma, you will feel amazing afterwards. Thank you Emma, Karen

Really listens

Emma's therapy helped me in a difficult period in my life. All my sessions with Emma have been a unique blend of care, relaxation and the poised attention of a therapist totally focused on helping me. Every thought and emotion has been listened to and assisted in some way by Emma. She has helped me to build trust, confidence and worthiness, and to work through bereavement and fear and to come to a belief in a positive future. Claudia

Helped build belief in a positive future

My sessions helped me to cope better through tough times and release emotions, thoughts and physical feelings. I am much more self-aware and able to deal with problems much better. I found this more beneficial than other therapies. Amy

Coped through tough times

I totally wasn't expecting such good results! Even if you just want a totally blissfully and relaxing experience I'd recommend trying a soundbath with Emma - had my last session on Sunday night and I swear it's the best I've ever slept I was so chilled afterwards. Much love, Francesca

The best I've ever slept!

I had 4 amazing soundbath sessions with Emma I cannot recommend these enough. Emma is such a fabulous listener and really goes out of her way to tailor the sounds to your needs taking time to ensure maximum benefit. After each session targeting different areas I felt relaxed and more able to cope alongside a very restful and re-energising sleep.

Emma’s soundbaths also helped me to manage pain and stress levels more effectively please don’t hesitate to book in with Emma you will feel amazing afterwards thank you

Helped me manage pain and stress

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