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Drum Treatment

30min treatment: £25 / 45min treatment: £30
A deeply relaxing Shamanic Drum treatment for body and mind.
Together we will choose a drum and a rhythm that resonates with you and the rhythm will be played over your fully clothed body, the vibrations are felt in the body while the hypnotic sound soothes and quietens the mind, slowing the brainwaves into a theta state brining about clarity, calm and physical and mental release.

A powerful treatment for fatigue, pain, tension, anxiety, bereavement and general worry or feeling off-balance or unsettled.

30min treatment: £25
45min treatment: £30

To book: emmabebliss@outlook.com / 07549 934 944

What should I wear?

Wear something you are comfortable sitting or lying down in. Ideally don't wear a thick jumper as that can make it more difficult for the vibrations of the drum to be felt in the body.

What should I bring?

You don't need to bring anything, but if you prefer to bring your own cushion or eye mask then do free free to do so. Though I do provide them and they are of course laundered between uses.

What is this treatment helpful for?

Of course everyone is different, but many people find Drum Treatment to be useful for anxiety, when they feel out of balance, or lost, are grieving, going through loss or change, feeling lethargic or experiencing a sense of loss of self.

The drum is very grounding, balancing and helps us to reconnect with our sense of self.

Do I need experience of meditation?

No, you don't need to have tried meditation to benefit from a Drum Treatment. I will explain everything at the start of the session.

about the Therapist

Emma Lowther-Wright Sound Therapist

Emma is a certified sound therapist Practioner holding the British Academy of Sound Therapy PL.Dip.ST and trained with Marla Leigh, one of the world's leading frame drummers. She is also a yoga teacher and our Studio Director.

Emma's Soundbaths are very popular and she performed at the Under the Moon exhibition at Harris Museum and at the Lancashire Encounters festival.
RYT 200hrs, BAST PLdip, Groove Facilitator, POUND, Barre Concept

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Drum MassageMarla Leigh trained

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