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The Ripples of Self-Care

May 12, 2021

The Contagious Bliss of Mandala-Time

Taking time out to look after your body, mind and soul is an act of love for yourself and your relationships. When we walk out of Mandala feeling amazing we go out into the world with a smile and a full heart, with patience - and we spread that bliss, love and joy.

When we feel safe, valued, cared for and joyful we think and act with more patience and trust because our nervous system tells our brain that all is well and we don't need to be on our guard. The opposite is also true.

So the next time you think your housemates or family would rather you do the ironing or fix the lightbulbs than come along to spend time with your Mandala community, think again. They want you joyful, feeling safe, feeling cared for and feeling valued - because you will return home to spread that love.

Many of my yoga class will have heard the story of when I walked out of a meditation class to find I had a parking fine. I really didn't mind, because my mindset was that I was safe, that a parking fine would not mean that I had to panic about not affording to eat (I know this isn't true for all people and that just made me feel even more gratitude for my circumstance) and I knew that the parking officer had nothing against me personally, I had daftly parked where I should not at that time and so - lesson learnt.

If we think about the times we have reacted in an entirely unhelpful way, in a way that others thought we were overreacting - and the chances are we felt fearful, undervalued, angry - the chances are that in some way we felt under threat. So the more time we can spend in a safe and nurturing place where we know we are valued and where we are encouraged to value ourselves - the calmer and more joyful we can be.

I can't wait for that time when we can reopen our doors and we can all walk out of yoga or Groove class and spread our bliss, love and joy 😍 We miss you all and can't wait to welcome you back soon xxx

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