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The Art of Happiness

March 31, 2023

The world is a beautiful place, we are gifted with senses and a body through which we get to experience this stunningly beautiful planet 🌍

How amazing that we are born at a time of relative peace, health & prosperity; to know the beings, music & art we love.

A beautiful gentleman who is currently without a home told me this week that every single day he finds a reason to be happy. On the coldest, wettest day of March he saw a double rainbow 🌈 and it filled his heart with joy. He told me he believes in unity and that if we honour our rhythms we can settle our hearts and ground ourselves ❤️ This gentleman has so much wisdom and I love spending time drumming and chatting with him.

Many of our wonderful Mandala yoga community tell me about the things that they noticed that brought them joy in the day and this telling helps to spread joy.

If you’re new to gratitude how about you give it a go? Every day look for things that bring you joy, spend at least 10seconds really engaging with that sense. Note down the moments in your mind or physically and review them at the end of each day. ❤️

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