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Relaxation Therapy

What is Sound Relaxation Therapy

Sleep better, release physical and emotional tension, rebalance, re-energise.


In Sound Relaxation Therapy (also known as a Soundbath) Himalayan Bowls or traditional Frame Drums are played in specific ways to ease you into deep relaxation.


Physical, emotional and mental tension will ease away so that you can re-enter the world feeling refreshed and reawakened.


The rhythms, tones and timbres slow your brainwaves into the lovely state we enjoy just before we fall asleep or wake up and the pitches tap into positive thoughts and emotions. Click here to read more about the science.


Sound Relaxation Therapy is like a personalised piece of music written and played in the moment just for you as you are in that moment.


Himalayan Bowl Deep Relaxation Therapy 

The gently hypnotic sound of the Himalayan Bowls lulls you into deep rest, releasing physical, mental and emotional tension and leaving you feeling rejuvenated. 


The bowls are placed on the clothed body to be played, the vibrations massage deep into the muscles easing away aches and heaviness. Often described as feeling like a sonic cuddle. 


Price: 45 minutes £35 / 60 minutes £45

To book: Call Emma on 07549 934 944 / Email

Drum Deep Relaxation / Rebalancing Therapy

The steady rhythm of the drum is deeply grounding providing a sense of safety and predictability that we so often lack and it quickly draws you into deep relexation. The drum is played close to the body so that the vibrations are felt as well as heard. 


The sound of our mother's heart is the first sound we hear and throughout life we respond strongly at emotional, mental and physiological levels to rhythm.


Different rhythms, tempos, volumes and timbres can be played depending on your needs. Emma will listen to your needs at the start of the session to find out which will work best for you.


Price: 35minutes £35

To book: Call Emma on 07549 934 944 / Email

What is Sound Relaxation Therapy Used For?

One-to-one sound relaxation therapy can help you through challenging periods. The benefits are:

  • Improved sleep and feeling more rested 
  • Reduced feelings of stress, sadness, confusion and anger
  • Lifted mood
  • Reduced physical tension and aches and pains


Optional Extras

Relaxation breathing technique guidance and audio recording: £10

Allow an extra 15minutes for your session


Guided meditation and audio recording: £10

Allow an extra 15minutes for your session and choose from

Gratitude / Loving Kindness / Full Body Relaxation



My sessions helped me to cope better through tough times and releasse emotions, thoughts and physical feelings. I am much more self-aware and able to deal with problems much better. I found this more beneficial than other therapies. Amy


I wasn't expecting such great results! Even if you just want a totally blissful and relaxing experience I'd recommend trying a soundbath relaxation with Emma - I swear it's the best I've ever slept, I was so chilled afterwards. Much love x Francesca 


Emma has a gentle, reassuring approach and explained things very clearly. The sessions enabled me to let my intuition come out more, enabled me to relax and has given me a great framework for reflection. It really helped me. Claire


Emma's therapy helped me in a difficult period in my life. All my sessions with Emma have been a unique blend of care, relaxation and the poised attention of a therapist totally focused on helping me. Every thought and emotion has been listened to and assisted in some way by Emma. She has helped me to build trust, confidence and worthiness, and to work through bereavement and fear and to come to a belief in a positive future. Thank you, C.H


I had 4 amazing sessions with Emma and I cannoy recommend them enough. Emma really is such a fabulous listener and really goes out of her way to tailor the sounds to your needs, taking time to ensure the maximum benefir. After each session targeting different areas I felt relaxed and more able to cope alongside a very restful and reenergising sleep. Emma's soundbaths also helped me to manage pain and stress levels. Please don't hesitate to book in with Emma, you will feel amazing afterwards. Thank you Emma, Karen

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