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ProjectFit Women-Only Exercise

We are delighted to host the not for profit ProjectFit programme of women-only exercise classes.

This programme is run by ProjectFit, a separate organisation from Mandala, and we are honoured that they choose to run their classes from our space. We share the same welcoming ethos and we both care deeply about our communities and about empowering people to move in a way that feels healthy to them.

ProjectFit are wonderful at helping women to feel comfortable exercising and learning to enjoy moving their bodies. Whether you already enjoy regular workouts or are new to exercise you will feel very welcome at a ProjectFit class.

Payment & Booking Options

Pay as you go £5 per class / attend as many classes as you like on that day!

Membership: £25 per month Unlimited classes

ProjectFit Timetable

Monday7:15 - 8pmBoxFit
Tuesday9:30 - 10amHiit and Weights
Wednesday12:45 - 1:45pmClubercise
Wednesday6 - 7:15pmAbsBlast
Thursday6:15 - 6:45pmBox Fit HIIT
Friday9:30 - 10:30amClubbercise
Saturday10:15 - 10;45amHIIT Step
Saturday11:00 - 12pmZumba
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