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Relax: Tea & Biscuits


A lovely tea and biscuit gift set
All items to be collected from the studio, please note we do not ship items out


A jar each of Dozy Girl and Nearly Nirvana tea by Bird & Blend in refillable jars, 15x self-fill eco tea bags and 9x vegan biscuits, packaged in a beautiful jute bag with a wooden heart.

Dozy Girl tea
Put those pesky sheep to bed once and for all with this comforting combination of lavender, chamomile and rose. A naturally caffeine-free blend, perfect for getting cosy before bedtime. Also nicknamed 'The Parent's Little Helper' and 'The Chillaxer'... it's a miracle in a cup!
Chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, rose petals, lavender.

Nearly Nirvana tea
This luxury award-winning white tea with heavenly jasmine and spiritual spearmint will surely help you reach nirvana. Don't just take our word for it... Japanese monks say tea embodies the four Buddhist principles and the word on the street is that they also use it to help them stay awake during meditation and to quiet their grumbling tummies during fasts!

Chinese white tea, Chinese green tea, jasmine blossoms, spearmint, orange blossom.

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