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Pregnancy Yoga

Why Ashtanga Yoga?
Your Pregnancy Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga Yoga Timetable
Ashtanga is the most energetic and challenging form of yoga, it's also very traditional with a lineage tradition. Emma is trained by a lineage teacher.

Ashtanga yoga combines flexibility, strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness as well as a cultivation of focus, curiosity, deep awareness and control of the nervous system.

It suits those who are happy to work at their physical yoga practice and to sweat and progress.

You'll learn the Ashtanga yoga sequence so that it becomes a joyful moving meditation and you'll notice your progression.

If you want to delve deeper there’s plenty to learn in this practice including the Sanskrit names, the Ashtanga count, mantras, philosophy and pranayama (breathing) and meditation practices, which you can pick up along the way, through the video library or through specific workshop sessions delivered at the Shala. Or you can pop along when you can and join in the peaceful yet joyful yoga sequence.

Our Ashtanga yoga students are a lovely, welcoming community.
We have 1 or 2 drop-in spaces per Ashtanga yoga class or you can guarantee a mat-space with our month membership options here

Our pregnancy yoga teacher Danielle, is a wonderfully dedicated specialist and we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have her on our team.

She has extensive training in pregnancy, baby and children’s yoga and continues to deepen her knowledge.

She’s also a truly lovely human creating warm and welcoming class environments.

  • Pregnancy Yoga, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, Postnatal Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga (MamaBabyBliss)
  • Yoga for Autism (Yotism)
  • Children's Yoga and midfulness (The Yogi Group)
  • Yoga for Schools (The Yoga Factory)
  • BSc (Hons), PGCE and QTS
Day Time Class Type  Drop-In              Membership
Monday 7:30 - 9:30pm


See guidance below


£30 per month 1 class per week

Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30pm Ashtanga Beginners Cours N/A £42 5 week course
Wednesday 6:00 - 7:15pm 


Half Primary

£9 £30 per month 1 class per week
Thursday 6:00 - 7:00pm


Beginner Progression

£8 £30 per month 1 class per week
Friday 6:00 - 7:30pm

Counted Full Primary

Advanced class

£9 £30 per month 1 class per week
Mysore - in a Mysore Ashtanga class you work at your own pace with individualised guidance from me. To attend this class you will need to be familiar with the Surya Namaskaras (sun salutations) and standing sequence, you don't need to know them from memory as I can prompt you. I will then teach you additional postures as you progress.

I recommend that you attend one of the counted classes to become familar with the Surya Namaskaras and standing sequence before attending the class, unless you already have an Ashtanga practice.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Massage

Our specialist pregnancy yoga teacher Danielle, also offers lovely pregnancy massages. Danielle's pregnancy massages are wonderful for relieving lower back pain, headaches, shoulder tightness, oedema, swelling and stress and uncertainty. 

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Postnatal Yoga for mum & baby

Date:  Thursday
Time: 11-12
Cost: £7

Postnatal Yoga for mum & baby

A lovely class which is beneficial for mum and baby. Postnatal yoga helps you to rebuild strength and release physical and emotional tension, helps baby to develop coordination and helps you to bond with each other. Learn yoga poses that you can do with baby at home and learn how to relax. Suitable for complete beginners.

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Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Date:  Wednesday 7-8pm and Sunday 10:30-11:30
Cost: £7

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Limited to 20 slots

A great way to relax in a supportive and calm environemnt and spend time with your unborn baby and other expectant mums. Learn breathing techniques, practise birthing poses and connect with your changing body. You'll meet other mums and get lots of practical tips. Suitable for complete beginners.

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Yoga for Anxiety

Who Yoga For Anxiety?
Course Structure & Outcomes
Your Yoga For Anxiety Teacher

This life-affirming course is for anyone who experiences anxiety. It has run 16 times and has received excellent feedback.

Anxiety isn't only a condition of mental wellbeing, it can affect (and have it's root in) our physical health, our relationships and whether or not we achieve our life goals. This gentle course helps you to understand the science of your anxiety and to develop skills and techniques to live with greater ease and joy.

Every class includes:-

  • Yoga movements that are beginner-friendly energising and joy-bringing
  • Relaxing breathing techniques
  • Stress and anxiety coping techniques
  • Guided meditation relaxation
  • You will also receive emails and recordings of relaxation techniques to support your learning

Course Structure

The course addresses the mind-body connection as well as looking at the structure of our daily lives and why we might respond with anxiety and how to respond differently. Every class includes:-

  • Science - to build your understanding of the science of anxiety
  • Movement - yoga postures to release the physical tension of anxiety
  • Breathing - techniques to engage the 'rest' branch of the nervous system and ease anxiety
  • Thinking - focussing and reflective techniques to cope with and reduce anxiety

Course Outcomes

  • Experience deep relaxation...
  • Learn techniques to relax and to be more in control of your thoughts and nervous system.
  • Understand the science and evolution of anxiety.
  • Receive technique recordings to keep.
  • Every class includes a gorgeously relaxing guided meditation.


Not only will you leave every class feeling deeply relaxed, you’ll have life-affirming skills forever.

Emma is Director of Mandala Preston, yoga teacher, person-centred BAST sound therapist and Groove dance facilitator with wonderful reviews from people she’s helped to live with greater ease, flow and joy. Emma has enhanced CRB disclosure and is a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA).

Pregnancy Yoga

Relax & Restore Yoga

Date:  Next course dates tbc
Cost: £36

Relax & Restore Yoga

Limited to 20 slots

The class is slow flowing yoga, with a focus on feeling open and lifted while also feeling safe and grounded. You'll feel so relaxed you're sure to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

Every class will open with a guided pranayama (breathing) practice, then move into a soft flowing yoga sequence to ground and feel safe and then from that place of grounding we will open up and blossom. The practice focuses on the areas that we tighten when we experience stress and anxiety.

Every class ends with a meditation. We will also look at more techniques, thinking tools and approaches for managing stress and anxiety.

Yoga for Anxiety Course

Limited to 10 slots

The online classes are specifically designed to reduce feelings of anxiety in body and mind and to help you to get a better night's sleep. The in-person course is more in-depth and helps you to understand the science of anxiety and to give you life-affirming skills to help you to manage your anxiety. 

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