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In searching for new ways for us to care for body & mind I look for classes that are based on healthy movement principles, a positive mind-body connection and building positive relationship with self and others.  Over the past 2years I've been training in the following classes which bring in music. 


Many of you will know that I have a deep love of music and that I also work as a sound therapist. The neuroscience evidence around the benefits of music and of group creation of and movement to music is well-esteblished and so I wanted to bring in classes that combine movement and sound - here they are, I hope you like them:-


Pound: £5 

The stress-busting, noise-making class

Channel your inner rockstar, release stress and have the most exhilarating 45minutes of your day with this full body cardio-jam session.


Developed by yoga-practicing drummers and inspired by the energising, sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.


Instead of listening to music, you become the music. Pound combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements while hitting the specially designed drumsticks together and on the floor.


POUND is a great brain work-out too improving creativity, mood and sense of connection. It can lower your stress levels, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and combat anxiety and fatigue. The entire philosophy is on feeling good in the mind to feel good in body. Options are offered making the class suitable for all bodies.

Groove: £5

The social heart-lifing dance class


Groove is a great fun, social dance class with a difference. Instead of trying to learn complicated choreography I show you simple movements that we build on.


We will be united in rhythm with space for heart-lifting, soul-shining, stress-relieving, joyful self-expression.


We will dance to everything from slow meditative grooves, to heart thumping, strength building cardio rhythms.


Developed by Misty Triploi, a yoga and dance teacher who refined the system over many years to combine healthy movement principles with yoga philosophy of relationship with self and others. 


Every class starts  ends with a stretch, stillness and breathing exercises to nurture body, mind, heart and soul.



Barre: £6

The 'turn-it-up & tone-up class'


Barre is a blend of barre ballet moves, dance-floor grooves, pilates and yoga postures to a great soundtrack.


Working-out to great 60s soul, 70s disco and 80s pop & rock working on precise micro-movements to build a better understanding of your body.


You will tone legs, glutes and abs working muscles you didin't even know existed! 


This class works your muscles in highly targeted ways to create strength and tone. There's a reason ballet dancers are strong!

*Covid-secure - one barre per student 



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