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Memberships - Ashtanga Yoga

Due to restrictions on class sizes for the foreseeable future classes will hold a maximum of 10 students.
Yoga is most effective and life-enhancing when we practice regularly for a sustained period, so that our body, mind and spirit forms the habit of awareness, flexibility, strength and balance.

To therefore enable you to be certain of a mat-space I've decided to offer 9 memberships per Ashtanga yoga class. If you miss a class you can carry it over to a different class later in the week or month. 


When you book your membership I will send you codes for the following:-

25% discount on all yoga, meditation & sound events with Emma with 3 & 6month memberships 

50% discount on all yoga meditation & sound events with Emma with 12month membership 

1 x free event with Emma with 6month membership

2 x free event with Emma with 12month membership

Events are usually £12-£18


Membership Options

1 class per week 

1month = £30 

3months = £85

6months = £170 

12months = £330 (2 payment instalment option)



When booking please state whether you are booking Monday, Wednesday or Friday classes.

You can change classes if there is space (and use your pass for POUND or DanceFit too). There are a maximum of 8 passes sold per Ashtanga yoga class and the remianing 2 spaces are to allow for drop-in students and for Ashtanga members needing to change days. 

Pay to the following and message to let me know you’ve booked

Emma L Lowther-Wright

Acc 06336901
Sort 089066


Emma was trained to teach Ashtanga Yoga by world-renowned John Scott and is also trained in ballet fitness, barre, POUND and sound therapy meditation. Her classes are heart-lifting, empowering, flowing dances to the rhythm of the breath.



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