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Soundbath Meditation

Private and small group sessions available 

Group Events each month - check events page for to dates


In a Soundbath Meditation Emma will lead you in a relaxing breathwork practice to relax the nervous system, a few gentle stretches to ease muscular tension and then play himalayan bowls and crystal bowls or shamanic frame drums, chimes and shakers to take the brain wave into the state that it enters just before you fall asleep.


The chatter of the mind ceases and because the sounds played are interpreted by the brain and nervous system as happy and peaceful our emotional and mental state improves. Physical, emotional and mental tension all ease away and the effects are lasting. 


Emma trained with BAST the world leaders in the therapeutic application of sound.

Price: 45minutes £35 / 1hr £45
Booking: or call 07549 934 944


Meditation Therapy

An alternative to traditional talking therapies, this therapy takes you out of your ordinary stressed thinking mind into a quiet, relaxed state before then reflecting on possible solutions. These therapy sessions incorprate meditation to himalayan bowls or shamanic frame drum and a guided meditative reflection to help you to work through challenging times. 


Price: 1hr minutes £45 
4 x 1hr sessions £165
Booking: or call 07549 934 944


Yoga & Meditation for Anxiety Course

This 4 week course includes meditation to sound, breathing meditation, reflective meditation and very gentle yoga stretches to help to ease out physical tension.

Next course tbc

Contact Emma to check dates


Yoga Nidra

Private sessions and Group Events

Check the events page for dates


In a yoga nidra session Alison's incredibly beautiful soothing voice takes you into a deep meditative state which relaxes the body and calms the mind, the mind stops raising and the nervous system responds so that you experience physical, emotional and mental calm.


Alison trained with intenationally-renowned iRest Yoga Nidra teachers.


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