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Looking for our Moon

May 28, 2021

In Yoga for Anxiety class I often talk about the therapeutic benefits of looking for the moon each evening. Indeed, a key pillar of yoga is active awareness. Looking for the moon each evening reminds us that:-

  • The only constant is change - so there is always hope
  • We are always in motion, with opportunities in each moment to change and grow
  • Because we can only see things from limited perspectives we never see the whole and we make false assumptions
  • We are part of nature, affected by and affecting the other parts of nature
  • We are incredibly fortunate to be existing on a planet the perfect distance from our sun & moon
  • We are rhythmic beings and it feels good to flow or dance with rhythm
  • Our planet is beautiful and there is always something available to bring us some joy in every moment

There's an enormous body of evidence that when we engage in seeking out the beauty in nature, be that looking at the sky, listening for birds, actively noticing scent and the quality of the light and shadows, or noticing the temperature of the air and the force of the breeze on our skin - results in a more positive outlook, greater calm and reduced anxiety. It helps us to gain and maintain perspective.

And the moon last night was incredibly beautiful, I hope you managed to see her rise in pink.


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