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How Many Senses Do We Have?

May 12, 2021

Yoga And The Senses

Did you know we have more than 5 senses?

Did you know that we can strengthen our relationships with these senses through yoga practice?

The senses of Interoception and Neuroception are often neglected in the western world, yet these are crucial to our experience of living, whether we are relaxed or agitated and how we interpret those states of being.

Strengthening our awareness and ability to interpret these senses of perception gives us the ability to live with greater ease, health and joy.

This is why many who start to attend yoga classes with me say they feel they've developed super-powers - they kind of have!

Yoga for Anxiety focuses on our senses of Proprioception, Interoception and Neuroception

Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga focus on Proprioception and Interoception

Hope to see you at a class soon to develop some yoga super powers!

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