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Groove Dance in Schools

To enquire about our Groove programmes or one-off sessions email Emma at: EmmaBeBliss@outlook.com
Or call 07549 934 944

Groove is a movement playground that fosters body awareness, confidence, critical thinking, creative self-expression and connection among peers.

Groove encourages PLAY.

Groove is a dance class with a difference - no complicated choreography and no right or left - a class fully accessible to all.

This is a dance class built around positive affirmations and which is focused on building confidence-and interaction.

An ideal alternative PE opportunity with many benefits for emotional and physical wellbeing.

About Groove

By inviting children to play with different kinds of energies without a goal of it looking a particular way
or to get it “right,” they can experience diverse movements with associated feelings
(such as; heavy stomp, soft sway, obscure crawls) to dance through them.

Not only does groove help develop key physical competencies in children and youth, it also helps
nurture emotional awareness in a non-verbal, creative way.

Instead of asking children to learn complicated choreography I show them simple, great fun dance movements that we build on and they perform in their own way - exploring and celebrating their creativity, curiosity and uniqueness. In Groove there's no right or left, no trying to copy an instructor. This makes Groove truly accessible to all. I teach Groove to mixed groups including people who are deaf, who use wheelchairs and who have pain conditions.

Through gentle cues and suggestions I help children of all ages to dance fully and really get into the style of the music. By trying out dancing to different styles of music we try out different ways of moving and 'being', which can help us to build more self-belief and see more opportunities and possibilities for ourselves.

We include a lot of positive affirmations and every class also includes stillness and breathing techniques to help children to learn relaxation techniques that they can use themselves.

The Benefits of Groove for Children

Dancing has a wide range of benefits both for children's wellbeing and this particular programme supports the development of physical skills and tools to improve positive self beliefs and encourage positive behaviours.

By Grooving on a regular basis children improve fitness, balance, co-ordination, concentration and listening skills. Grooving also helps to increase self confidence.

In accordance with the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 & 2, during this programme children will:

  • Master basic movements and develop balance, agility and co-ordination
  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance
  • Learn appropriate affirmations and positive self motivators to help boost self-esteem
  • Perform a range of dances to different styles of music
  • Compare their performance with previous ones and notice improvement
  • Enhance their social skills
  • Learn that it is fine to sit quietly and in stillness sometimes and techniques to help them achieve this

All children can access and benefit from yoga at their own ability level.

Free Groove Taster Class

I would love to bring a free taster Groove class to your school for your pupils. To book your free class email
Emma at emmabebliss@outlook.com
Or call 07549 934 944

About Emma

Emma is our Studio Director and teacher of our dance-based programmes, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga for Anxiety. She loves movement and rhythm.

Emma studied to teach Groove with Misty Tripoli and child-specific Groove with Dani Morenga as well as adult Ashtanga Yoga with John Scott and children's yoga with Fiona Whitehead.

Emma's Groove dance classes are not simply dances adapted to children, they're designed to meet the needs of children of different ages.

She teaches with an emphasis on real inclusion, clear communication, empowerment, joy and compassion. She specialises in helping people of all ages improve confidence, self-esteem and social interaction.

Emma is especially interested in the science of rhythmic movement and how it can release physically held mental and emotional tension and help us to live with greater joy, confidence and ease.

As well as studio classes Emma teaches yoga and groove to members of our community with physical and mental health challenges including those with deafness, who use a wheelchair and have cognitive challenges.

Emma's classes are fun, heart-lifting, empowering and flowing; sharing movement and mindfulness with kindness, encouragement and joy.

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