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Groove: Christmas Dance Party

Date TBC: September & December
cost: £10 per session
Boogie like you've never boogied before - with your whole heart and soul!

Groove is a facilitated dance, a wild dance party, to free you of judgements that inhibit you from giving yourself permission to truly dance with your whole body and soul. When you unlearn those inhibitions and remember what freedom feels like not only do you have THE BEST time dancing and connecting, your life can change because you start to question all judgement

Learn some super simple, but super cool moves and do them your way - there's no left or right, just a really good time dancing to really great tunes! I'll give you the confidence to strut your stuff on the dancefloor without a care in the world! Think wedding disco but with one of your mates showing you some cool fun moves and you're not far wrong.

Come alone or with friends, leave with new moves, new friends, joy in your heart and new-found confidence!

Date to be confirmed - Register your interest

Dance your heart out at the Groove dance party, dancing is a great work-out and this is enormous fun! Think wedding disco but with one of your mates showing you some cool fun moves and you're not far wrong.

Learn some super simple, super cool moves and do them your way - there's no left or right, just a really good time dancing! You already know how to dance, some of us just need reminding to give ourselves permission to do so,

Gain the confidence to dance with joyous freedom through my encouraging cues and this confidence will start to shine in all areas of your life! Free your body from the judgements holding you back and let me encourage you to give you permission to truly dance how you want to with full joy!

A joyous journey of heart-lifting, stress-busting and fun dancing to tunes from all genres followed by a relaxing meditation, tea and time for a chat & chill.

I'll show you 2 or 3 super simple fun moves per song so we are united in movement and you get to do the moves your own way, with space for heart-lifting, soul-shining, stress-relieving, joyful self-expression.

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What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable dancing in - I will be wearing sparkling shorts or leggings. Anything goes, so if you're heading into town later wear your glad rags, if you are coming in from shopping wear what you're wearing. Of course sparkles, bells and reindeer antlers are encouraged.

What if I can't dance?

Everyone can dance - especially to 80s tunes and Xmas songs! I will be helping you out by showing you some simple moves per song.

We are born to respond to rhythmic sound and to enjoy rhythmic movement. I promise you that you will leave this class knowing you can dance!

What about trainers?

We will be dancing barefoot as that's sooooo much more fun and it's great for our feet.

Can I book a private Groove for me and my friends?

Absolutely you can book a private Groove party and I absolutely love sharing Groove with groups of friends. We can even host a Silent Disco Groove in your garden!

It's a fabulous way to celebrate, have a get-together or get a dancefloor going. Prices for private Grooves vary by location but at the studio are £80 for up to 12 people for 1hr or £140 for 2 hours.
Email me for details - emmabebliss@outlook.com

about the Teacher

Emma Groove & Pound

Emma has danced for fun all her life and loves to share her love of music and movement in her Groove, Barre Yoga and Drum Circle classes, encouraging freedom of expression, joy, curiosity and a healthy dose of silliness.

She likes to remind us that Plato said “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” and that's her excuse for always breaking into dance! She believes we are all born with an innate desire to dance and that everyone should be empowered to dance in a way that feels good to them.

Emma trained with Misty Tripoli of the World Groove Movement, Marla Leigh of the Frame Drum Academy, the Village Drum Circle, Barre Concept and Pound. She is also our Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Studio Director!
RYT 200hrs, BAST PLdip, Groove Facilitator, POUND, Barre Concept

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