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Candlelit Christmas yin yoga workshop

occurs on: Sunday 19th December
time: 3-5:30pm
cost: £25 per session
Join Alison for an extra-long and indulgent yin yoga practice including time for reflection on the year that's passed and intention setting for the year ahead. You'll be welcomed with festive tea and the warming scents of the festive season. The cosy, welcoming studio will be lit purely by candlelight to enhance your experience and you'll be able to feel the tension melting away as you sink and surrender into the grounding postures - great for the time of year when we can feel like our feet don't touch the ground! We'll end with a soothing guided relaxation to leave you feeling truly rested. Treat yourself this Christmas - you won't regret it!

Yin yoga is a deeply nourishing and soothing practice comprising long held postures. It works the deeper layers of the body; the connective tissue, fascia and ligaments and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to aid relaxation, reduce tension and improve mobility. It is the perfect complement to yang styles of yoga and the active lives that many of us lead.

Please bring your own mat, a thick blanket and a yoga block(s) if you have them to support you in your practice. Please also bring a notepad and pen.

What is yin yoga and what are its benefits?

Yin yoga is a gentle yet powerful mind-body-spirit practice that offers relief from the stresses and strains of the busy lifestyles many of us lead. Through long held, deeply releasing postures the muscles of the body relax allowing the work to begin on the deeper, less pliable tissues of the body, easing tension and creating more flexibility.

As you hold each pose, you'll be invited to turn your attention inwards, allowing yourself to notice whatever arises in your body and mind. You'll cultivate more patience and a greater willingness to surrender.

Each class finishes with a guided relaxation so you'll leave feeling fully rested and restored.

I'm new to yin yoga - is it for me?

Yes! This session is suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis alike as everything will be explained and there are lots of options and alternatives for the poses.

If you're pregnant (congratulations!) and new to yoga, we'd suggest you try our dedicated pregnancy classes.

If you have any injuries or conditions, please let Alison know before the workshop so that you can discuss whether any particular pose options/modifications might be suitable.

What should I wear and do I need to bring anything?

We suggest that you wear something comfortable that allows you to move, sit and lie down comfortably. Layers are always very handy as are socks so that you can keep warm, particularly during relaxation.

Please bring your own mat, a thick blanket and a yoga block(s) if you have them to support you in your practice. Please also bring a notepad and pen.

about the Teacher

Alison Gough

Alison specialises in teaching yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and gentle yoga having done additional training with Sarah Powers, Jo Phee, Yoga Medicine and James Reeves. Her classes focus on providing plenty of time to rest, relax and take a break from all the busyness, activity and stresses of everyday life. You'll be encouraged to practise at your own pace and develop your connection between your body, mind and spirit. Alison's wish is that you experience a greater sense of ease and that you leave class feeling calm, soothed and refreshed.
200hr yoga teacher with additional qualifications in yin yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra
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