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Aerial Cocoon Soundbath

date:  Sunday 8th October, 2023
time: 16:30 - 17:30
cost: £15 per session
**Fully Booked in 30minutes** I may add a 6pm session so if you would like first notification of this join the waitlist by clicking the booking link...

A lush Soundbath in our Aerial yoga hammocks!

We will start with some very gentle movements to release the neck, shoulders and spine, using the hammocks to support us. Then we will get into our hammock cocoons for a guided meditation before settling in for the Soundbath.

This is a beautifully blissful experience that will leave you feeling open to the beauty of life and completely relaxed.

about the Teacher

Emma Lowther-Wright: Studio Director

Hi, I'm Emma and I am very fortunate to have been trained to teach Ashtanga Yoga by world-renowned John Scott. John is one of the key teachers who brought Ashtanga yoga from India to Europe. Often referred to as 'Preston's yoga teacher' I am honoured to teach yoga to 150-200 people every week!

I am dedicated to and immersed in the Ashtanga practice and continue to travel to study with senior 500hr international teachers including Eddie Stern, Scott Johnson, Lucy Crawford-Scott and Greg Nardi.

I teach with an emphasis on clear communication, empowerment, joy and compassion. I am especially interested in the neuroscience of yoga, how yoga can release physically held mental and emotional tension and how yoga can help us to live with greater joy, confidence and ease.

As well as studio classes I work within the community teaching in workplaces and education settings and to members of our community with physical and mental health challenges including those with deafness, who use a wheelchair and have cognitive challenges.

My classes are heart-lifting, empowering, flowing dances to the rhythm of the breath. I share movement and meditation practices with kindness, encouragement and joy - I hope to welcome you to a class soon.
RYT 350hrs, BAST PLdip, Groove Facilitator, POUND, Barre Concept, Aerial Yoga

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