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December 14, 2022

So many humans are disconnected from their body.

In yoga we are completely focused IN the body, so we can move as a unified whole and feel what the body is trying to tell us. The body is wired to survive, we ignore it at our peril.

In yoga we don’t do things to the body, we BE embodied, we become the body.

This level of embodiment is rare; we think or allow our attention to be drawn to scenery when we walk, run or cycle. We might stretch while listening to the radio; or watch TV on a treadmill.

Yoga pulls our attention into the body completely. Challenging yoga postures are challenging to make us pay closer attention, but this attention can be achieved by simply standing evenly on both feet, or swaying back & forth mindfully in the aerial yoga hammocks…it’s not the form, it’s the attention to the body exploring how to make the form right for us.

If we are not in our bodies we are disassociated from our our instincts, feelings and physical and emotional needs, because these are signalled through the body.

The most direct way of knowing we are stressed is through the body, the most direct way to experience letting go is through the body. It’s difficult to focus if our body aches. When we are disembodied we notice our needs too late, or we misread our needs.

The goal of a physical yoga practice is to live in our body, so that we can care for the needs of body & mind and so that we can have positive relationships with self and others.

When we become embodied we learn to live guided by the wisdom of the body. The body wants us to survive and thrive - if only we can listen to and understand it’s signals.

Listen to what the body needs, decide what to do about it, act, notice again - that’s physical yoga

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