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Do You Skip Yoga?

July 28, 2022

Do you skip your yoga when you feel tired, stressed, tearful etc?

If so, can I persuade you to rethink that?

Whenever a student at the start of class has said to me “I feel awful and I wasn’t going to come”

At the end of class they've looked transformed, positive, restored and told me “I feel so much better”

That’s the awesomeness of yoga 🙏

Nobody ever regrets coming to yoga, it makes you feel better because yoga:

🧘‍♀️Eases out the muscular tension of stress

🧘‍♀️Balances heart and breathing rate disrupted by stress

🧘‍♀️Balances the digestive system disrupted by stress

🧘‍♀️Gives you energy - because of the above - depleted by stress

🧘‍♀️Calms the mind, giving it something else to do instead of ruminating

🧘‍♀️Gives a sense of safety, predictability & control, which helps us feel safe

🧘‍♀️Connects us with other humans, which helps us feel safe

🧘‍♀️Is a simple thing you can gift yourself to care for your body, mind & spirit. We can’t cope with stress while neglecting these.

We’ve all been through hard times, in order to get through them we need to make sure our bodies are strong and not tensed up. We need to make sure all the above ☝️ is true. It will be a lot harder to cope with what life throws at us if we don’t care for ourselves.

As Jois said “Do your practice, all is coming

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