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Deafway and Dance

May 12, 2021

Deafway, Dance & Open-Minds

My favourite part of each week right now is sharing chair-based Groove dance with the wonderful Deaf residents at Deafway. We humans all enjoy rhythmic movement and expression and it's such a joy and honour to be sharing this with such fab humans.

I have been teaching yoga to the Deafway community for a couple of years and I noticed that the more rhythmic I was the more enjoyment the participants experienced, this makes so much sense on so many levels and it's something I incorporate into all of my teaching now, but this spurred me on to figure out how to share dance with them.

I am so pleased that Deafway and the residents and visitors were supportive of the exploration - that's what we yogis do - we don't assume, we explore with open hearts and open minds.

😍🕺 There's a great feature here about some wonderful deaf dancers https://www.dancemagazine.com/deaf-dancers-2641619050...

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