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Ashtanga Yoga & Awareness

February 3, 2022

The physical progression in Ashtanga yoga can only come about through cultivating awareness.

We had such a beautiful practice with the Tuesday Ashtangis last night. They've come a long way since they started their Ashtanga yoga journey with me when we reopened in May 2021.

I love witnessing the building of strength, balance, flexibility, focus, rhythm, breath control, confidence, curiosity and respiratory capacity, but most of all, that most life-enhancing skill of all - AWARENESS!

Awareness of body, mind, the effects of our decisions on body, mind and relationships and the ability to choose consciously - this skill is truly transformative.

Once learnt we have to keep practicing it, but it's worth it. When we are aware of body, mind, our relationships, the effects of our decisions in the moment - we can choose with skill.

✨We can bring ease to body through movement, nourishment or rest.

✨We can bring ease to body and mind through rest, focus reflection or movement.

✨We can bring ease to relationships through reflection, conscious actions and words. And this is what we are really building on the mat in Ashtanga Yoga.

We become physically strong, flexible and balanced through moving with awareness of body and mind, and this habit and skill of awareness becomes our way of being in the world to help us to live with more ease and less suffering

If you would like to start your Ashtanga Yoga journey take a look at our Beginner-Friendly class on Thursdays 6pm, or if you've practiced yoga before join one of our other Ashtanga Yogas classeshttps://www.themandalapreston.com/yoga/ashtanga-yoga

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