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Phoenix Rising

Mandala is the Movement partner in the Phoenix Rising partnership - a not for profit partnership delivering Social Prescribing programmes across Art, Movement and Nature.

  • Thriving Communities Social Prescribing programme from March 2021 to June 2022 across Morecambe and Preston
  • Fylde Council and Historic England funded programme from March 2022 - Ongoing

Thriving Communities

In Morecambe and Preston we delivered Groove, Yoga and Chair Yoga.

The Programme

  • 5 Month Programme
  • Energetic Groove followed by Gentle Yoga
  • Took place in libraries - making use of community spaces and encouraging use of this public space
  • Wide range of ages from 4 to 80
  • Hugely popular - we had to add an extra session each week
  • Inclusive of chair-based and highly active participants
  • Friendships created

What Participants Said

A Lifeline

Emma’s Groove class has proved to be a lifeline for me. It’s much more than a bright spot in my week – more like a way to press the ‘reset’ button and energise myself mentally for the week ahead.

The class turned out to be much more than I’d hoped for when I booked in January. She is an AMAZING teacher who really inspires everybody to push their boundaries in terms of movement, creativity and inhibitions. Our comfort zones have well and truly been expanded!

This class provides a safe space for people who want to take things at their own pace, without feeling pressured to move in uncomfortable ways or to follow steps. Just being there is enough, because the energy in the room, the smiles and the music is so uplifting, improvement in physical and mental wellbeing is inevitable.

Long may it continue. Hazel Leech, Morecambe Groover.

Added Value to my Life

Before joining the dance class I was doing nothing!

I retired in July 2020 at the age of 66yrs, having left school at 15yrs, Apart from time off to bring up 3 children I had always worked and kept busy.

I had plans for my retirement, which due to lockdown did not happen. I basically spent 18 months doing nothing - looking back I can now see that I was not in a good place mentally. I didn’t want to do anything; I couldn’t even concentrate to read a book.

Earlier this year I was scrolling through face book when an advert popped up for ‘groove fitness dance classes’.  I clicked the link and registered, afterwards I thought –what have I done!!! 

I went to my first class unsure of what to expect and to my surprise I found myself dancing away, dance like no one is watching we were told, and that’s exactly what we did.

I couldn’t believe that I was in a room full of strangers dancing!!! I don’t dance, I don’t socialise, I don’t do anything – and yet here I was.

Phoenix Rising Groove and Yoga has helped me to find who I was. I know my outlook has changed and I know that without the classes I would still be sat in my jimjams all day doing nothing.

The program has added value to not only my life but to those around me. Family and friends have seen a change and my husband says from his perspective – ‘a happy wife means a happy life’.

It helped me to get focus back into my life; I no longer sit in my pyjamas day in day out.  I have started to go out for walks and I have even bought a fitbit which records my daily step count. Each day I try to increase my count.

Without that advert popping up I would not be where I am today. I no longer spend my days doing nothing. I have reconnected with friends and we go out for a stroll along the promenade and then coffee.

After each class I am tired, I’m exhausted, but I also feel good about myself. I still have the odd dark moment but not as often and not for long.

I have also started to read books again.

A Big Part of My Recovery

Just to say a massive thank you for the groovy and yoga classes.

They have been such a big part of recovery and repair after being on lockdown for so long it is so good to be able to be a part of such a happy uplifting group. I have also been attending the litter pick and art class at Morecambe which gives a great sense of doing a bit to help. The art class is good for my mental health just as much as the dance class.

It would be a shame to end the class because everyone enjoys it and is so uplifting and regenerating our body and minds.

Many thanks to all concerned in bringing these services to us.



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