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Funded by Active Lancashire & Active Lancashire

Mandala delivered a range of yoga and Groove classes in Preston libraries funded by Active Lancashire

The Programme

  • 5 Month Programme Nov 2021 - March 2022
  • Took place in libraries in two areas of high deprivation
  • Groove Dance and Yoga classes
  • 65 - 80
  • 50% of the participants have gone on to self-fund access to the classes taking place in other spaces

What Participants Said

The first time I've ever stuck to exercise

I'm over 70 and this is the first time in my life that I've ever stuck at an exercise class for more than about 3 weeks. The classes are enjoyable, informative and fun. I love that we warm up for the dancing with some yoga.

I have been pain free in my back for the first time in years! The music is always great and I've got some of the songs on my phone now to dance to at home. Janet

I've started exercising to videos

I had an injury that makes it difficult for me to exercise so the Chair Yoga was really helpful, it meant I could rest when I needed to and use the chair for balance. The dancing was great fun!

Mental Health Boost

It's hard to explain how good Groove makes you feel! It puts you in such a good mood for the day before and after, I can feel very low on energy but feel amazing after the class. The class is so friendly and we have so much fun. I have PTSD but I find that the class gives me the boost I need to get out of the house, have fun, make friends and do some exercise. My knee problems make it very difficult for me to walk and I lacked confidence and out weight on, but I have so much fun in the class.

Feeling Better

I'm 86 and did not go out in Covid. My confidence dropped and I started using a stick. I came to the yoga and dancing and felt so happy, it's helped me get back to walking without a stick, made my shoulder feel better and get fit enough to go back to my line dancing class!


At first it was strange exercising, singing and dancing in the middle of a library, but the teacher said 'dance like nobody is watching, or that everyone is and you don't care' and we did! It was really good fun, sometimes people took videos and we didn't care. It was fun dancing around the books and to dance with people. I've made friends and joined a weekly Groove class and I look forward to it every week.

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