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Workshops & Courses    

                                                          The Mandala Preston CIC, 18 Derby St, Preston, PR1 1DT

FREE  VINYASA YOGA CLASS - Sunday 4 March at 7pm-9pm

  • The yoga class will be followed with Information on a Teacher Training Course that can be attended by those who simply wish to deepen their knowledge on the practice of Yoga and not teach, as well as those who wish to teach...
  • The Course enables you to teach 'WORLDWIDE' with a recognised qualification.
  • Come along and have a chat with Emily Young, the Facilitator/organiser to find out more...may be take a look at her website:  
  • You can book a space to attend the FREE CLASS via Emily's webpage


'ALTERNATIVE SPA DAY' with Lunch & Prosecco!

Saturday 10 March 2018 11.30 - 16.30 / £35

A beautiful day to completely de-stress, relax and re-charge body, mind & soul. This is the 3rd event and the reviews from the others were excellent...


* Yoga suitable for all to release physical tension
* Sound bath with majestic sounding gongs 
* Guided deep relaxation of body and mind
* Henna tattoos
                                     * Lunch, and Prosecco

Only 4 tickets remaining. More details and booking 

Bookings/Enquiries to Emma:


Sunday 11 March  -  09.00 - 12.00

  • Welcome & Focus for the event
  • Ashtanga Yoga practice & Pranayama
  • Tea Break & Cake!
  • Short philosophy chat
  • Meditation to close....

Enquiries:  Davide Penazzi  -  07906 537943

Helping with education and preservation of local culture in Benin, West Africa.  Davide will be going out there in June and would like to take notebooks, pens, etc. to the local schools.


Saturday 17 March 2018  at  13.00 - 16.00/£25

with Adrienne Le Coure


This workshop is specifically directed at healing using the practice of Yoga.

Some Yoga practices have been researched to show definite changes within brain function that can help alleviate stress & depression.


                                       Adrienne will both explain and invite you to try some of the healing practices. 

We have been fortunate to run one of these workshops already and due to the interest it created, are able to offer another informative workshop while Adrienne is still in UK.

Please book your place by contacting Adrienne:

(Anyone attending who would like a form signing to confirm attendance for CPD please ask Adrienne)


Apologies but Oliver has to cancel this workshop. 

Sunday 18 March 2018 - 11.00-13.00/£15

After the last successful workshop in January, this month we will continue to explore the relationship between simple Pranayama (breathing practices) & Mantra (healing sound for the nervous system.


The session will have four main components:

  1. Breath & Body awareness through simple exercises and movements to prepare for deeper practice
  2. Vibhaga Pranayama and Pranava Aum  -  a three-part sectional breathing exercise combined with the 3 core sounds (swara) of Aum
  3. Simple Gayatri Mantra to invoke certain qualities
  4. Shava Asana with Pranayama and Jnana Yoga Kriya, to relax and integrate the practices

The workshop is open to everyone, however, it will be of most benefit to those already working with me in regular classes

It will also be a good introduction to those new to this system of 'Traditional Yoga'

Places limited to 12 people  -  Enquiries/Booking:  Please email Oliver


INNER DANCE  - Sunday 25 March 2018  -  4pm - 6pm/£10

  • These are monthly workshops using different 'play-lists' taking you on a different inner journey each time...
  • Based on the 'healing response' from individuals listening to certain types of music Inner Dance Therapy evolved....
  • PI VILLARAZA from the Phillipines has had his healing success stories documented in many newspaper reports & International Magazines. There has also been a full length feature film documentary made by a multi-awarded Producer/Director
  • Workshops are now held the worldover and Pi has created several healing spaces across the Phillipines working closely with the Medical Community.
  • Training has been handed down in a strict format and 'Katie Holland' was blessed with permission to carry on the Teachings of Pi.  Consequently Sue Smith, who has trained with Katie Holland, is able to bring the authentic teachings of this subtle healing and balancing method to us...

                                  Enquiries/Booking to Sue Smith: or 07985 092387




Saturday 31 March 2018 at 5.45pm - 7.45pm/£12

  • These monthly workshops offer subltle changes each time to the delivery of 'Sound Healing'
  • Both Ondray and Graham have trained at The College For Sound Healing
  • The 'pitch' of the gongs produces a vibration that can work on the vibrations within your body and around your body.  By careful use, the Gong sound can work to balance imbalances at a more subtle level of us.
  • Ondray & Graham have years of experience and continue to develop their knowledge & professional ability in Sound Healing.
  • Ondray is also an Holistic Therapist with a vast range of Treatments on offer from around the globe:
  • Graham has also run a Yoga Studio in London and taught Yoga for many years.

                                      Enquiries/Booking:  or 07870 947130


Saturday 7 April 2018 at 12.30pm  - 2.30pm/£20

with Donna McCaffery  (authorised to teach primary & second series by Manju Jois)


Second Series looks to be very advanced but actually many of the postures are very accessible for everyone.

The Series is also known as Nadi Shodhana as it works on cleansing the nadis, the emotional body.

The workshop sill look at the first few second series postures, learning the correct vinyasa count for each one.

It promises to be fun, but also a bit challenging. 

The workshop is suitable for all levels, as all the postures can be taught with modifications.

Snack & Refreshments will be offered at the end!


To book your place or make enquiries please contact Donna:

DEEP RELAXATION EVENING  -  Saturday 21 April 2018 at 7pm - 9.30pm

  • Time to indulge yourself in the luxury of time to rest, smile and restore....
  • More details will be coming for this Workshop in the next couple of weeks however you may still make any enquiries or provisional bookings for a space.....
  • Please contacti:-Emma Lowther-Wright: or 
  • Charlotte Barrow:


APRIL 2018

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga  -  3 sessions with different focus  - dates to be confirmed..
  • Yin Yoga  -  Sunday 8 April  -  10.00 - 12.00/£12 with Alison:
  • Deep Relaxation Evening  -  Saturday 21 April  -  7 - 9.30pm
  • Woodland Retreat in Cornwall  -  Friday 27 April  - Tuesday 1 May
  • Inner Dance  -  Sunday 29 April  -  4 - 6pm/£10

MAY 2018

  • Yin Yoga  -  Sunday 6 May  -  10.00 - 12.00/£12 wirh Alison:
  • Beginners to Yoga workshop

JUNE 2018

  • Inner Dance  -  Sunday 3 June 2018  -  4pm -  6pm/£10
  • Yin Yoga  -  Sunday 3 June 2018  -  10.00 - 12.00/£12

JULY 2018

  • Inner Dance  -  Sunday 1 July 2018  -  4pm - 6pm/£10
  • Yin Yoga  -  Sunday 8 July 2018


  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Adrienne Le Coure -  3 day Course (3 consecuive Sundays) ...more details coming!
  • Teachers Recoup Retreat  -  giving you some quality time back, as you give out so much! No children, as this break is purely for YOU!  -  waiting for confirmation of booking at venue in Wales to know dates etc  -  contact Marguerita at if you may be interested
  • Inga Guren....? dates coming



  • 'ALTERNATIVE SPA DAY' - 22 Sept 2018...


  • Scott Johnson  -  dates to be confirmed..



  • Yin Yoga






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