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Workshops & Courses    



Sunday 20 May 2018 from 13.00 - 17.00/£30

with Wendy Eckhardt (Sangat Prem Kaur)


Using the traditional teachings of Yogi Bhajan:  a dynamic practice using blend of postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), some mantra (chanting), music & meditation.  These are taught in a way to promote self-healing and teach the art of 'RELAXATION'. 

                 'Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul'  Yogi Bhajan


                                                  Suitable for Beginners as well as those with experience...

                                              For any enquiries/booking please call Wendy:  07713 882107



Monthly 6.30 pm - 8.30pm on Saturdays/£15  -  Next Date: 26 May 2018

  • These monthly workshops offer subltle changes each time to the delivery of 'Sound Healing'
  • Both Ondray and Graham have trained at The College For Sound Healing
  • The 'pitch' of the gongs produces a vibration that can work on the vibrations within your body and around your body.  By careful use, the Gong sound can work to balance imbalances at a more subtle level of us.
  • Ondray & Graham have years of experience and continue to develop their knowledge & professional ability in Sound Healing.
  • Ondray is also an Holistic Therapist with a vast range of Treatments on offer from around the globe:
  • Graham has also run a Yoga Studio in London and taught Yoga for many years.

                                      Enquiries/Booking:  or 07870 947130



Sunday 27 May 2018 at 11.00 - 13.00/£15 

with Oliver Thorne

Yoga has many healing tools to explore and use in your life.  Using traditional methods Oliver will guide you thtough some of these methods and techniques used for hundreds of years and only now are being accepted more and more in the West!


This session will allow for amore in depth practic of some of the core therpeutic practices of Gitananda Yoga including:

  • Vibhaga Pranayama and Pranava Aum - A three part breathing and vibrational exercise
  • Jattis - Practices to release tension and prepare for Asana and KIriya
  • Kriya and Asana - A selection of movements to develop spinal health and the breath
  • Kaya Kriya - A rechnique to release emotional tensions from the body and to induce deep relaxation

                           Enquiries/Booking contact Oliver:



Saturday 2nd June 2018 at 7pm - 9pm

Gentle yoga and immersive singing bowl sound experience.  

To rest and restore. 


Bring a blanket and enjoy this deeply restful evening with Mandala teachers Charlotte Barrow and Emma Lowther-Wright.


Gentle yoga to release physical tension, followed by guided relaxing paranayama (breath practice) then the sounds of the deeply relaxing singing bowls to calm both body and mind. Then vegan hot chocolate and herbal teas...Bring a blanket! 


Bookings/ Enquiries: Emma: or Charlotte: or        Book online             

INNER DANCE  - Sunday 3rd June 2018  -  10am-12: £10

  • These monthly workshops use different music play-lists to take you on an inner journey...
  • Based on the 'healing response' to listening to certain types of music Inner Dance Therapy evolved....
  • PI VILLARAZA from the Phillipines has had his healing success stories documented in newspapers and International Magazines and in a documentary made by a multi-awarded Producer/Director
  • Workshops are held the worldover and Pi has created healing spaces across the Phillipines working closely with the Medical Community.
  • Training has been handed down in a strict format and 'Katie Holland' was blessed with permission to carry on the Teachings of Pi.  Consequently Sue Smith, who has trained with Katie Holland, is able to bring the authentic teachings of this subtle healing and balancing method to us...

                                  Enquiries/Booking to Sue Smith: or 07985 092387

                                  (Please note monthly sessions are usually 4 - 6pm - this is a 'one-off'...)



Next Group Meet-up:  Sunday 3rd June 2018 at 4pm - 6pm donation please

with Yatin Mistry & Nicole Messham

This group has been set up following another successful Self Development Group set up in Bolton.  Group discussions can create a community for people to achieve their full potential through self-reflective discussions in a comfortable environment without judgment.


Through monthly discussions skills may be gained to help in resolving challenges that may arise throughout our journey of self growth.

                                                  Enquires to Yatin:


Sunday 3rd June 2018 at 4 - 6:30pm: £20 (Please book your place)


Time to opt out of the fast lane and take both a physical and mental break.

Time to notice YOU..

Time to discover the essence of YOU in your breathing patterns

Time to allow the body ease its self & release..

                 Teacher:  Alison Gough Enquiries/Booking:  07814 865998




JUNE 2018

  • Deep Rest - Saturday 2nd June 7-9pm £20
  • Inner Dance  -  Sunday 3 June  -  10.00 - 12.00/£10    (time change just for this month)
  • Yin Yoga for Organ Health -  Sunday 3 June -  4pm - 6:30pm / £20

JULY 2018

  • Inner Dance  -  Sunday 1 July  -  4pm - 6pm/£10
  • Yin Yoga  -  Sunday 8 July


  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Adrienne Le Coure -  3 day Course (3 consecuive Sundays) ...more details coming!
  • Teachers Recoup Retreat  -  giving you some quality time back, as you give out so much! No children, as this break is purely for YOU!  -  waiting for confirmation of booking at venue in Wales to know dates etc  -  contact Marguerita at if you may be interested
  • Inga Guren....? dates coming



  • 'ALTERNATIVE SPA DAY - Yoga, therapeutic soundbath and guided meditation plus cake and Cava.
  • 22 Sept 2018...Contact Emma for details as this event always sells out. 


  • Scott Johnson  -  dates to be confirmed..



  • Yin Yoga






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