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Workplace Wellbeing

Improving employee wellbeing through yoga & sound


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More employers are realising that staff wellbeing isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential, especially in an increasingly competitive world. 

We offer a number of workplace Yoga, iRest® Yoga Nidra & Sound Meditation programmes which are available within Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester. Our programmes include two offerings which are unique to the area - sound and iRest yoga nidra, both of which can promote relaxation, ease stress and anxiety, assist with chronic pain management and improve overall wellness - making our programmes particularly effective for workplace wellbeing. 

Emma has more than 20 years corporate workplace experience including 6 years at Director level. She's used this experience to design workplace wellbeing programmes which addresse the needs of the business and employees. The programmes will be enjoyed and valued as a benefit by your team so that you attract and retain the best talent, while also building key workplace competencies to improve competitive advantage.

Our innovative approach to applying yoga and sound in the workplace can improve.....

  • Teamwork - We teach yoga in a way that has everyone breathing and moving in synchronicity with each other. This builds mutual understanding, empathy and trust, which helps to build stronger more effective teams. The teaching emphasises non-judgement which builds stronger trust and honesty in teams. Sound sessions are taught in a way that builds more intuitive and empathetic communication and trust. The Soundbaths are highly effective at improving team cohesion and reducing conflict.
  • Creativity - The intelligent use of sound in Soundbaths activates more areas of the brain then any other activity. During a soundbath we create new neural connections, which enables us to find creative solutions to problems and opportunities. The yoga sessions emphasise non-expectation and non-attachment. This cultivates in teams an openness to new information and emerging threats and opportunities.
  • Focus - Soundbaths and mindful yoga improve focus so that employees are more accurate, creative and productive, making your organisation more competitive. 
  • Attendance - Physical pain (especially black pain) and stress are amongst the major causes of workplace absence. Soundbaths are highly effective at reducing stress and stress related conditions as well as at helping employees to take control of pain


Regular physical yoga classes are consistently shown to improve posture and reduce neck and back pai. Soundbaths and iRest yoga nidra are highly effective at empowering individuals to control and manage pain. 

Workplace Wellbeing Menu

Can be provided as individual sessions or can be added onto the wellbeing programmes below to create a bespoke programme for your organisation.

  • 1hr Yoga or meditation class
  • Soundbath Mindful Relaxation or Creative Tune-Up session
  • 4 x Soundbath Mindful Relaxation session
  • Yoga Nidra relaxatio
  • 45 minute Mindful Walk
  • Healthy Kickstarter - 2 hour health focus with yoga woskshop, healthy breathing and yoga nidra
  • One to one personal development Sound Reflection sessions
  • Back to work sound sessions x4 1hr sessions
  • Nutrition workshop - 45 minute lunchbox inspiration with handouts
  • Meeting Reboots -75 minute sound, breath-work & yoga to re-energise long meetings
  • Employee Spa Day with trust-building, yoga, soundbath, guided mindful meditation and lunch 


Our wellbeing programmes:


Body & Mind Programme: sessions to be timed over a period to suit you

  • 3 x Yoga classes
  • Soundbath - relaxation, team building sound creation, or stimulating creative tune-up
  • Yoga Nidra - relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and build resilience 


Healthy Mind Programme: sessions to be timed over a period to suit you

  • 2 x Soundbaths for relaxation, team-building or creative tune-up
  • 2 x Yoga Nidra sessions - relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety 
  • iRest yoga nidra recording to facilitate deep relaxation for every employee 


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