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Private Soundbaths & Sound Massage

30 minutes £35 or 60 minutes £45
Available all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Booking: or 

07816 531 010 


Find serenity with a Soundbath Treatment to completely calm body and mind.


Emma studied with the world-renowned British Academy of Sound Therapy, has created Soundbath art performances at The Harris art gallery (which sold out in 3hours), featured on the BBC and receives gushing reviews from clients.


What is a Private Soundbath Treatment? 

  • It’s like a fully clothed massage but much more relaxing 
  • If you choose Himalayan Bowls they are placed around and sometimes on the body and played gently. Or choose drum which is played over the body
  • The vibrations of the sound release physical tension
  • The beautiful hypnotic sounds create a state of deep emotional and mental relaxation
  • You experience a blissful state of being

Soundbath treatments make it easier to switch off from the outside world, calm the inner chatter and ease physical, emotional and mental tension.


Emma will tune into what you need and will play specific tones, volumes and rhythms to help you relex and rebalance and to soothe away tension.

There is no right or wrong way to experience the singing bowls or drum, simply enjoy the journey. 

Every treatment incorporates the beautiful Japanese Koshi chimes, rainsticks and shamanic shakers bringing more healing sounds and release to the experience.


Himalayen Bowl Treatment - this treatment creates a feeling of comfort, safety, warmth and deep relaxation. 


Drum - The Drum sounds primal and earthy. You can experience part of the treatment as a fully clothed massage in which the drum is played close the the body so the vibrations release body, back, shoulder and head tension.

Drum treatments are ideal for releasing physical pain and tension, restoring balance, easing symptoms of menopause and for relaxation.



The sound baths were a beautiful relaxing experience and I would highly recommend Emma who has a natural ability to make you feel at ease. I always catch myself remembering the comforting feeling of those sounds reverberating in my head. Thank you for your time Emma x

My 4 sound therapy sessions with Emma were a truely blissful experience. I feel Emma is naturally gifted in this field and knows her subject. She has the ability to tune into what is right for you and is truly dedicated to your needs. I got alot from the sessions and felt they helped me with my issues. Emma is also very easy to be with and makes you feel at ease. A sound bath with Emma is a must for healing or just for the experience. Highly recommended. Namaste. Thankyou Emma. , Charlie



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