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De-Stress Programme

This De-Stress Program is tailor made to you.


The origin of 'stress' can be very diverse and due to this variation in cause, should be treated accordingly, rather every person with stress being treated, or offered help with use of the 'same' treatment.


By the use of 'complementary therapies' we hope to offer time and both physical as well as emotional support to promote healing. Restoring balance & mental health.


We are a group of professionals who want to offer a range of supportive activities that may help you going through a stressful time and provide you with the skills to use over the rest of your life.


Members of the Team have many years of experience with the majority having worked/or working in the NHS. They include:

  • A Psychologist  (NHS)
  • Counsellor/Life Coach (NHS)
  • Specialist in Breathing Therapy (NHS)
  • Structural Therapist (NHS)...anatomical/muscular alignment
  • Specialist in Women's Health (NHS)
  • Specialist in sleeping disorders
  • Specialist in eating disorders (NHS)
  • Mindfulness Specialist (NHS)
  • Remedial Masseuse (speciality in post surgical procedures e.g. breast surgery (NHS)
  • Specialist in Clinical Somatics & Massage (altering patterns of muscular movement to reduce discomfort caused by muscular tension)
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Specialist in the use of Art for Relaxation
  • Specialist in Nutritional Therapy
  • Psycho-Therapist using principle of sound/music for mental health



The way the De-Stress Program will work:

a) Contact with one of the Therapy Consultants (options for Male or Female)

b) A 'plan of care' will be put together using the above specialist areas to meet clients needs...

c) There will be a monthly review, or sooner, if required to assess effectiveness of Program. At this review, things can be altered to meet the needs of the client, or if working well may stay the same

d) All information will remain confidential within the Team

e) The Aim of the De-Stress Program will be to provide each client with 'life-long tools' that may provide continued help and support in difficult circumstances once they leave the Program.


Note to Corporate Companies:

We can provide a De-Stress Program to fit in with a day's release from work to assist any employees going through a difficult time.



It is our aim to offer support to Corporates, GP's. Medical Professionals, Local Businesses and other interested persons by providing a system that can be easily accessed, when referred appointments may take some considerable time due to demand.



Marguerita Colley

07809 119509



we all have to start somewhere...

Spring brings with it the idea of making a new start, which can be awkward and challenging at first!!!


Fri 27 April - Tues 1 May 2018

This Retreat in Cornwall is aimed to 'rest your mind & restore energy levels'. Surrounded by the therapeutic aspects of nature, Rosemerryn is set in 7 acres of private woodland. Within 25 minutes walk you can also be on the local beach at Lamorna Cove Cafe with more lovely walks by the sea. Penzance is 4 miles away.


£450 includes:

4 nights accommodation , all meals/drinks/snacks, Restorative Yoga/Meditation, 1 choice of Massage/Therapy Treatment

We have our own Chef & Therapist

One of 6 cosy bedrooms...

There are twin rooms too..


Interested in escaping? Drop an email to Marguerita:

Our practice studio












We are now entering our seventh year to slowly and organically spread our wings at The Mandala.  With patience, we are seeing progress towards providing a unique place for you to drop into and chill out.  Your comments on the fab energy within Mandala are what I felt when I first walked into the building. Over the years it has been a building where people have been to, to enjoy themselves!  We plan to keep things simple, but with the essentials that make you feel at home.

Mandala aims to help you maintain your health and we support organisations doing the same.



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