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New Mums Space..


As life can change  dramatically after having a baby, it is valuable to make time for yourself when your new baby appears to take over every moment!

We organise regular 'meet-ups' after your baby has arrived,  This gives the opportunity to have other new mums around you and to share stories and situations.  There are opportunities to do a variety of different things : 

  • Meet for a walk and coffee/tea
  • Meet for lunch where parking is easy and venue is baby friendly
  • Meet to learn a new skill e.g. music group
  • Meet to offer time towards a charity e.g. crochet squares making a blanket for homeless or orphanage or even RSPCA etc.

To attend these 'meet-ups', any new mum can get in touch to come along!  


Baby Massage & Post-Natal Care Sessions with experienced Health Visitor

Chris Edmundson (recently retired from NHS) -  Dates/Times coming soon...


Enquiries:  Marguerita via email to



Caring For Others?  -  Here is a day for YOU!

At Mandala we would like to offer a 'Free Rest & Relaxation Spa Day' for those of you caring for others.  This day is for you to be looked after!

In order to reach the right people, we are connecting to Carer Organisers.


The R&R Days will be offered seasonally: 

Winter/January  -  Spring/April  -  Summer/July  -  Autumn/October


What to expect from your R&R Spa Day:  'Winter Warmer'  -  choose Tues 22 or Sun 27 January 2019

  • There will be 2 choices of days to book, either a Tuesday or Sunday when each seasonal month arrives
  • The day will start at 10 am and finish between 3pm - 3.30pm
  • A Healthy nourishing Lunch is included

Enquiries to Marguerita:  -  07809 119509

Project by MIND & Rethink Mental Illness

This project is setting new parameters relating to people who have had difficulties in their lives which has in some way left them with problems coping mentally.

As nearly all of us have faced this situation in some way or another and have found healing not so easy, the idea is to create a social network where we can support someone in a difficult space.

At Mandala we will be organising some Cook and Share Workshops.

So...keep an eye for information and pop over?!!!

check out:



Mandala is creating a space for you to drop-in and share time for 'FREE' called:





Organisers are both qualified & experienced in how to cook meals and prepare cheap economic meals/snacks to promote health and serve as a 'pharmacy' in your kitchen!


CSC meetings can be around the following :

  • As we all need to eat, the space will be centred around discussions on types of food you can easily access and prepare
  • You will get guidance on how to make the dish/cake/healthy snack etc
  • You will be able to taste and try different food types from around the globe
  • The practice of 'Ayurveda' revolves around food essentials for health and you will be amazed at how you can create a 'pharmacy' in your kitchen...
  • Ever heard of healing/balancing properties of essential oils?...well, with the pure oils only you can include them into food!!  It is important to be advised by fully trained Practitioners though and we will let you know when they come to Mandala.  You may also contact them directly for advice/information.
  • Do you have a medical condition?  There will be a CSC meeting around what foods can help and what foods may hinder by a Nutritional Therapist.


Each time we meet in the space there will be free tea/coffee


CSC Meeting Dates & Topic:   ?.........

Apologies for delay in Introductory Dates

The co-ordinators will be able to activate before end of 2018)


Enquiries:   Marguerita via email to


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