The Mandala Preston CIC Yoga & Wellbeing Centre
The Mandala Preston CICYoga & Wellbeing Centre

About Us

Welcome to The Mandala

Preston's hub of Yoga and Wellbeing.

We’re delighted you’re here! 


We're a welcoming community of teachers and therapists. 

  • Yoga classes 16 every week 
  • Meditation
  • Soundbaths 
  • Massage
  • Counselling
  • Sound Therapy for wellbeing - alternative to talking therapies 
  • Sound Therapy for pain 
  • Vegan Supper Club
  • Corporate yoga & wellbeing programmes



We’re a NON-PROFIT CIC (Community Interest Company) supporting Mental & Physical Health and wellbeing in Preston.


We aim to help you live your best life by maintaining physical, mental & emotional health. 


We are a friendly community and we love welcoming newcomers. Come along and join us.



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Mandala Name Origin

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word for circle, connection, community. It also means entire world, centre of the Universe, magic circle, or healing circle.


A mandala is a sacred symbol used for meditation, part ticularly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Mandalas are typically colourful representations of the whole world. As one meditates on a mandala, one’s consciousness passes through outer protective circles (symbolising grasping at the surface of things), then enters square structures and inner gates that enclose the centre point or bindu (which symbolises the essence of life).





John Scott


Greg Nardi

Ashtanga Yoga & Philosophy


David Keil

Ashtanga & Anatomy/Physiology in Movement


Scott Johnson

Ashtanga & Mindfulness

Ashtanga Yoga London


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